Thursday, May 1, 2008

May I Never...

So... May it is. We are over a year in to the US Presidential campaign, and maybe it will be the month that we finally know who is up against the Republican candidate. April showers bring May candidates? I love the insanity of US politics, but I think this is a battle that is wearing a little thin. So on National Day of Prayer, let us pray that it will be over soon. (Only 6 more months to go folks.)

So what about May 1st? How about this for a list:
World Asthma Day, Executive Coaching Day, Frequent Flyer Day, Law Day, Lei Day, Library Legislative Day, Loyalty Day, Martin Z. Mollusk Day, May Day, Mother Goose Day, National Day of Prayer, National Day of Reason, New Homeowner's Day, School Principals' Day Save the Rhino Day, Worthy Wage Day, and Stepmother's Day?

What I reason is this: In order to make full use of the day, one should use their frequent flyer loyalty points, head for Hawaii, and get Lei'd. Of course to make that happen, we'd have to pray for worthy wages.

Of all the months, May is recognized as the month for (on last count) 63 different causes, ideas, issues, and celebrations. Maybe May is going to be an entertaining month - it's Hamburger Month, BBQ Month, Salad Month, Salsa Month, Sweet Vidalia Onion Month, Vinegar Month and Egg Month. This might be one month that was indeed collaborated on... 'cause that sounds like a great meal. Don't enjoy it too much, it's also Go Fetch - Food Drive for Homeless Animals Month. And to keep the burgers from your hips, it is Physical Fitness and Bike Month.

Of course it's also a month of disorders, disorderly, and crises that I'm sure a few weeks out of the year isn't going to fix. The list is below (no order).
  1. ALS Awareness Month
  2. Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
  3. Awareness of Medical Orphans Month
  4. Better Hearing & Speech Month
  5. Borderline Personality Disorder Month
  6. Brain Tumor Awareness Month
  7. Creative Beginnings Month
  8. Family Wellness Month
  9. Fibromyalgia Education and Awareness Month
  10. Freedom Shrine Month
  11. Get Caught Reading Month
  12. Gifts From The Garden Month
  13. Go Fetch! Food Drive for Homeless Animals Month
  14. Haitian Heritage Month
  15. Heal the Children Month
  16. Healthy Vision Month
  17. Huntington's Disease Awareness Month
  18. International Audit Month
  19. International Business Image Improvement Month
  20. International Victorious Woman Month
  21. Jewish-American Heritage Month
  22. Latino Books Month
  23. Motorcycle Safety Month
  24. National Allergy/Asthma Awareness Month
  25. National Arthritis Month
  26. National Barbeque Month
  27. National Bike Month
  28. National Correct Posture Month
  29. National Egg Month
  30. National Foster Care Month
  31. National Good Car Keeping Month
  32. National Hamburger Month
  33. National Hepatitis Awareness Month
  34. (World) Lyme Disease Awareness Month
  35. National Meditation Month
  36. National Mental Health Month
  37. National Military Appreciation Month
  38. National Moving Month
  39. National Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month
  40. National Older Americans Month
  41. National Osteoporosis Prevention Month
  42. National Photo Month
  43. National Physical Fitness & Sports Month
  44. National Preservation Month
  45. National Salad Month
  46. National Salsa Month
  47. National Smile Month
  48. National Stroke Awareness Month
  49. National Revise Your Work Schedule Month
  50. National Vinegar Month
  51. Navajo Code Talkers Month
  52. Personal History Month
  53. Prepare to Buy A Home Month
  54. React Month
  55. Strike Out Strokes Month
  56. Sweet Vidalia Onions Month
  57. Teen Self-Esteem Month
  58. Tennis Month
  59. Tay-Sachs and Canavan Diseases Month
  60. Ultra-violet Awareness Month
  61. Women's Health Care Month
  62. Young Achiever's Month
  63. National Family Month
Just imagine all the days that aren't covered here. There is still only 31 days in May right? May I never have to remember them all. I do however promise there are a few extra special holidays yet to come in the month of May. Keep reading.

Happy May Day.

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  1. This is the best part of my morning. Can;t wait to see what you have to say tomorrow.


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