Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Seriously, that hair cut makes you look fat.

The end of April already. I'm not sure where February went, and now April is coming to a close. In Finland, this would be a day to celebrate... it is "May Day Eve". May Day Eve is much in line with the Celtic celebration of "Beltane", which welcomes spring and ushers in the month of May. I'm all for the celebration - but does it have to be May so soon?

When we are young, we can't wait to be older. But just as mom promised, the older you get, the faster time gets. I think our mothers were on to something. God knows that spring break took forever to arrive, summer lasted forever, and winters went on endlessly. Now, spring will be gone before I have time to register it isn't winter. Summer might last a week (of course living in Vancouver, summer really IS only a week), and Winter will only seem like it takes forever for the first couple of weeks. Then, POOF... it's Beltane again.

In honour of a friend who has a thing for old typewriters, and typing programs (and in fact designed and developed "All the Right Type" - the program most schools in North America use to teach typing to kids today)... it is Manual Typewriter Day. I remember having to do a school project when I was very young and my mom renting an electric typewriter because I was painful to watch. Then in high school, learning how to type on an electric typewriter. We weren't learning on a keyboard or a computer, as that was still a ways down the road. There was one computer lab on campus and it was used for the only computer class available. After years of getting by with four fingers and one thumb, I can now type using all my digits, and can proudly boast a 60wpm speed. I only passed typing in school because the teacher was tired of watching my painful pecking, and sat me at the only typewriter with the letters on the keys for the final. Dr. Gerry... Thank you. I figured it out eventually.

Other celebrations today include "Spank Out Day" (a day to eliminate capital punishment for children and find alternatives), "Raisin Day", "UHF Day", "National Oatmeal Cookie Day", and "Dare to Live Day".

Perhaps a touch more worthy of our attention, April 30 is "Hairstylist Appreciation Day." This could be one of my favourites for the entire month. I do love my hairstylists. Of course my oldest friend (hey - she's not old) is a stylist. Hair colour is an accessory, and I love a new do. April 30 is also "National Honesty Day" so if you ask, I'm going to have to tell you... Yes, that haircut makes you look fat.

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  1. These are priceless...very entertaining.......Love my Toot!


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