Monday, May 19, 2008

Queen Victoria Joins the Circus

May 19, 2008 - Victoria Day in Canada is celebrated on the Monday before the 25th (Victoria's actual birthday) so that we Canadians can get a long awaited long weekend. Traditionally, the May long weekend is the start of all things summer. The golf courses go to regular season green fee's and BC Ferries switches to high season. The garden stores are mimicking Boxing Day, and the liquor stores watch cases of beer fly off the shelves. This is the weekend the police swing in to action looking for aggressive and/or drunk drivers. If you want a spot on the patio for which to embibe, forget it. You'll have to go for brunch and stake your table early. Fortunately, brunch is also a favourite of the Vancouverite.

In Vancouver, the May long weekend seems to mean the start of our love affair with beach volleyball and the Grouse Grind. Not this year though. The grind is still closed because the upper sections of this grueling wee hike are still under winter conditions. (Photo of the grind taken on Thursday) One of the ski resorts south of Seattle is boasting their longest season yet, and the skiing continues through this weekend. I wonder if this is throwing the Pacific Northwest'ers in to a tail spin? It's ok, Playland is open and the rides are also going full speed, so if you are looking for a tail spin... try the old wooden coaster.

You could celebrate the beginning of summer by joining the circus. Even the Ringling Brothers knew the power of the May long weekend. On May 19th, 1884, the Ringling Brother's Circus opened, and thus, today is Circus Day. No matter how you spend your long weekend,whether on a patio or at the circus (some patios become a circus), have a piece of cake and toast the birthday of Queen Victoria. Good thing she hadn't run away with the Circus, or we'd all be at work today.

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  1. Thank you, we were wondering why we were having the May long weekend so early. Since Victoria's birthday is actually next weekend. But according to your blog, we celebrate the weekend before the birthday, very interesting.


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