Friday, May 16, 2008

Pizza With All the Toppings - Hold the Krill

May 16, 2008 - The May long weekend - Victoria Day in Canada, is finally upon us. The outdoor pools and the beaches will all be open in Vancouver tomorrow. The golf courses will put green fees up to summer rates, and the Ferries start the high season. Everyone will be trying to cash in on the good summertime feelings. We finally get good weather and a long weekend in which to relax, but will have to work harder to pay for our entertainment.

I've been wondering if many of these 'holidays' or 'observances' are created by Retailers to put on a sale, or drive the creative teams to come up with new campaigns. Today is National Sea-Monkey Day. Now, I'm no genius, but I'm not a slouch either and I want to know who, other than baleen whales, would come up with this one? Sea Monkeys is a brand name of a brine krill, bred to be larger and live longer than other krill. The only real interesting thing about Sea Monkeys are that they will go in to a state of a kind of suspended animation (cryptobiosis) when out of their environment, and once put in an aquarium of salt water, will spring back to animation. I'm having a hard time getting excited about National Sea Monkey Day. I suggest we put it into cryptobiosis.

There is another day I'm sure was thought up by the pizza industry. But, given the price of all things fun and entertaining will start going up today, I'm sure I can find a great 3 for 1 Pizza deal somewhere. Through in a pack of beverages, and you have yourself a Friday night pizza party. So, I might not be too keen on sellebrating krill, but for National Pizza Party Day, I'm in. National Pizza Party Day falls on the third Friday in May. First, I'm going to call it Pizza Party Night, and second, I'm going to throw in a few rounds of Halo and make it an annual gathering. I'll justify the pizza by also participating in National Bike to Work Day. Great start to a long weekend. Happy Birthday Queen Vicki. Cheers.

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