Sunday, May 18, 2008

Don't Panic... There Are No Dirty Dishes Today.

May 18, 2008 - Ah, Spring. Yesterday brought sun shine, heat, gardening, and dirt under the finger nails. Getting in to the dirt, planting the summer's herbs and a few flowers is a sure sign that spring sprung. And the Greeks are getting in to the spirit of the season. Today is the Festival of Pan. Pan is the Greek mythological "god of fields, groves, and wooded glens". He is connected to spring and fertility - thus the Festival of Pan is in the spring. We owe Pan for the pan flute, for panic, and for perfecting the art of masturbation. Pan was a real ladies nymph. Half man, half goat, he was able to play his flute and instill in people hearing his music inspiration, arousal, or panic. To this day, Pan is celebrated by Neopagans, movie goers and video gamers. Next time you feel a wave of panic, listen for the flute.

I have always enjoyed Greek and Norse, and Egyptian, and Roman mythology. As a child we had a carving of Pan in the house. It was carved from a fallen tree, and it was of Pan sitting in the forest. His eyes were painted yellow, and he was what I imagine was live size. I was terrified of the carving then, but now I wish I had Pan. In fact, if I couldn't have him, I would like to visit him in a museum somewhere. Yet, try as I might, I can't find an academic or historical museum dedicated to mythology. Perhaps if we could get today's International Museum Day together with mythology curators.... If anyone knows of such a thing, let me know. In Vancouver, the Museum of Anthropology is pretty spectacular, but by mythology standards, all pretty new. Wonder how Pan would feel about being on display?

Today also finds us celebrating No Dirty Dishes Day and Visit Your Relatives Day. If you plan this right, they could work together very well. Best way to not have dirty dishes - eat out. Best way to visit relatives? Show up at meal time. So today, drop in on your aunt for breakfast - surely Issie is baking muffins and putting on the tea. At lunch - visit your sister. Must be something in her fridge. For supper - this one is a breeze. Drop in on Mom. She'll be expecting someone to Sunday supper. Today is a no-brainer, just hope that you won't be required to pull out your flute and play for your supper.

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