Monday, May 12, 2008

There Once Was a Girl From Vancouver...

Who cleaned up the room with the Hoover
She sucked up a dollar
And started to holler
'Cause it was for her Starbucks Maneuver

May 12, 2008 - Today it is Edward Lear's Birthday (1812-1888). For you literary types, You may have a few gripes, that it's not as heady as earth day. Edward Lear was an author of note. In 1846 he did wrote, his "Book of Nonsense", Limericks it dispensed, and to this day they still get a quote. So, in honour of Sir Edward Lear, tell a limerick or two over beer. He was not really Irish, but his poems they were swish, and now there's a Limerick Day each year.

Ah, the limerick. Named as we know it for Limerick County in Ireland, where it was believed to be a parlour game. Limericks are often a little rude, a little lewd, and often a tad obscene. The were however first popularized in English by Edward Lear. May 12 is Lear's birthday and thus, we celebrate Limerick Day. Make up a few limericks, but be sure to do it over a pint.

Today is also International Nurses Day, celebrated on Florence Nightingale's birthday. Around the world, today is the day we recognize the huge contribution nurses make in every society. If anyone has been in or near a hospital recently, you know that nurses are the backbone of the system. It takes a very special person to be a nurse. It is not a pretty job, and quite often thankless. So if you know a nurse, thank them for everything they do. I don't think Flo was much of a poet, but if she was, it might have started "There was a nurse from Nantucket.."


  1. There once was a nurse from Nantucket
    Who threw up in a hospital bucket
    Her patients grew sicker
    And started to bicker
    And caused a terrible rucket!

  2. love it, love it, love it. Don't ever stop writing this blog, I look forward to it every day.


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