Friday, May 2, 2008

Just Say No... To Smelly Pants?

May 2, 2008 - Well folks, we are now in to the month of May and there is no turning back. I celebrated May Day by getting my first sunburn of the year on North American soil, and then re-connected with a friend I haven't seen in far too long, where we worked our way through a giant plate of wings. It's a good thing we didn't touch base today or the conversations would have been more formal. Today is Robert's Rules of Order Day.

Sadly, today is Yom Hashoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day - a black spot on the history of man. Hitler himself knew what a horror he orchestrated. Unfortunately, he took the cowardly exit. I wonder why Yom Hashoah is not an international day of remembrance - not only a Jewish holiday, but perhaps a day to remember and think about the horrors of genocide everywhere.

On the lighter side, today we recognize those "around the world who struggle with the weight and size of their big instrument". 1 Yes, it is International Tuba Day. What did you think I was talking about? Are you mad? Speaking of which, May 2 is also "Mad Festival". I've spent so much time trying to find out more about this festival that it's driven me mad. Maybe that's the point. Maybe it is related to Mad Magazine. If you know, please fill me in. I'm all ears.

Today also has us celebrating Fire Day, Brothers and Sisters Day, and Be Kind to the Smelly Day. If you are riding transit, and the person beside you smells really bad, is it kinder to hold your sweater over your nose, get up and move, or run from the bus holding your nose anxious for a refreshing breath of exhaust fumes? Does this mean you have to be kind to smokers too? God knows they have quite the odor. Its National Truffles Day. Would I be expected to share a box of truffles with the highly aromatic?

There is a solution to these social dilemmas. Drop your trousers. According to the folks at the No Pants Day organization say it's hard to take yourself seriously when you aren't wearing any pants. "Indeed, when large groups of people parade around in public without their pants, amazing things are bound to happen". 2 So what brought about No Pants Day? According to
research has revealed that Trouser-Free Day was actually started in Hollywood in 1928 by a secret cabal of gin-soaked movie producers, writers, and actors interested as much in flaunting societal convention and toppling democracy as they were in making movies.
My fear is the smelly person beside you on that bus today won't be wearing any pants.

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