Friday, May 30, 2008

There's Oil in Them There Icebergs

May 30, 2008 - As I was watching the BBC yesterday in the very wee hours, there was a short news clip about a meeting of the countries who each have some stake in the Arctic to decide who has the authority to drill for what is believed to be large oil deposits. Now that there is a hole in the Ozone, global warming is melting the ice in the Arctic and making drilling a future possibility. Dear Ms. Morisette, now THIS is ironic. And it is sad. Who knew that the answer to our need for more oil would come from the pollution of using oil in the first place?
There is a hole in the Ozone, dear humans, dear humans.
There is a hole in the Ozone, a very large hole.
We can't fix it with oil, dear Georgie, dear Georgie,
We can't fix it with oil, dear Georgie, with oil.
It seems the Arctic is a little like the Bucket with the hole. There's a hole in the bucket. To fix it, you need a straw, but the straw is too long, so it needs to be cut, but the knife is too dull, so it needs to be sharpened, but the stone is too dry and needs to be wet, but there is a hole in the bucket. I had NO idea what the My Bucket Has a Hole In It Day was all about until the BBC news piece. Now I get it. And if you care to share this relevation... Put your best foot forward and send an e-card. 1. (There's an ecard for that?)

Best Foot Day - for me, this means today should be all about your best efforts, your best thoughts, your best friends and your best shoes. Ah shoes. Can't get enough of them. There are so many world issues that we should all be concerned about. And I should probably feel more globally aware... but I need to be honest here. I have isshoes. I have nowhere to stack all these boxes. I sort and re-sort the shoes each season, and still I find shoes never worn. Most recently, I found a fabulous pair of orange suede wing-tip heels that I forgot about. It was like falling in love all over again.

It makes sense that the Sex and the City 2. movie was released on Best Foot Day. Not only do most women identify with one of the women, but the Carrie Bradshaw effect on shoe sales has been astronomical. Finally, women all over North America are out of loafers and putting much better feet forward. The only problem with that is, in these 4" heels, I gotta drive. Thank god for the oil under the icebergs.

1. Send a "My Bucket has a hole in it Day" e-card.
2. The movie's official website.

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