Monday, May 26, 2008

Mustang Sally, you better shop around.

May 26, 2008 - Memorial Day was once known as Decoration Day. It was a day set to commemorate those who died during their military service during the American Civil War. It was afterwards declared to be a day to commemorate all who died in any war or military action. 1. So on the last Sunday in May, the long weekend will celebrate the many fallen soldiers, and in the US, that ultimately means commemorating them with a big sale, and a back yard BBQ. I would think that while there have been 10's of thousands of American men and women who have lost their lives in the current 'Mess O Potamia' of the Iraq war, this is one of those years where the sales will take a back seat. If only diplomacy hadn't taken a back seat, I would feel much better about spending today at the mall. What? It's sandals season.

In Canada, May 26th is National Day of Healing and Reconciliation. Though not an official holiday, in Aboriginal communities in Canada, it is a day for moving forward and healing. I'm guessing that this day has at it's root, one of Canada's worst eras in our history when we forced children of native bands to residential schools for the purpose of making them 'white'. I wondered not why we have this holiday or observance, but why it isn't part of Aboriginal Week until I learned that today is Sorry Day in Australia. Sorry Day in Australia is very much the same. It is also not a national holiday, but it is a day that the country apologizes to the native communities for much the same blight. I would like to believe the apologies mean something, but I have a hunch there are still a LOT of flowers that have yet to be sent.

It may not be flowers, but a few hours ago, the the Phoenix has landed. NASA's newest Mars probe touched down near the north pole of Mars and has already begun to beam photos back to earth. We've come a long way since the days of Sally Ride, who in 1983 made history by becoming the first American woman to reach outer space. Today is her birthday, and thus is Sally Ride Day. Wonder if she's traded in her spaceship for a Mustang?

2. Mess O Potamia snagged from Jon Stewart's The Daily Show.

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