Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day in the Southern Delta, A Beautiful Day for a Boogie

May 22, 2008 - Spring is in the air. As is that fresh, aromatic other smell of spring... manure. It's shitty, but I hear is good for the plants. Since we are only beginning to learn of the long term dangers of pesticides and herbicides that we have been consuming for longer than we know, the organic wave (a.k.a. reversing technology) has something in their back pocket - and it's crappy - but it is sustainable. After all, we grow food, we eat food, we digest food, we eliminate food, we feed it back to the plants. Seems fairly sustainable, and a whole lot more organic. So why is it that the food we buy is cheaper when we buy the kind fed with chemicals, sprayed with chemicals, and sometimes genetically modified? Apparently, the chemists and geneticists charged much less than the steers that consumed, digested and eliminated. Glad I didn't finish that chemistry degree.

We have finally begun to see the light, and to focus on more sustainable means of agriculture. It has taken centuries of progress to realise that we were better off before. 2008 is International Year of the Potato, and for today's International Day for Biological Diversity the focus is on biodiversity and agriculture. Close to home, there may not be a lot we can do to make a global impact, but we can buy local, buy organic, and support the farmers markets that are using sustainable growing practices. Maybe it is a neighbourhood action, but if we think globally, perhaps there is a trickle UP effect? Mr. Rogers would be proud.

In 1967 a scrawny fella in a cardigan and overshoes invited people into his house and in to his imagination. Mr. Rogers and his cast of regulars was on the air every day convincing children that playing fair, and treating each other with respect was a good way to live. To this day, when I see a gentleman in a cardigan, I expect words of wisdom. When I get a smokers hack and grumbles about kids today, it seems out of context. But then again, there are many childhood memories that when I look back on them now, through adult eyes, seem very out of context. Think of Bert doing the 'pigeon', or Ernie doing the "duck, duck, do the rubber duck". I'm not sure what these two were up to, but I'm glad they had on their tiny clothes (well, maybe Bert did...) Regardless, it's Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood Anniversary today, and I will be sure to keep my childhood memories clean.

I can't get the Sesame Street line of thought out of my head. Today is also Boogie Woogie Day, and I have visions of Fozzy, Sam, Animal, Sly, and the rest of the gang playing a little boogie-woogie with Long John Baldry. The audience is having a great time, and Bert is doing the pigeon off stage (and off camera). "Don't try to lay no Boogie Woogie" on the Muppets - they're rated G.

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