Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cultural Diversity? I Need a Patch for That.

May 21, 2008 - As I watch the US Democratic Primaries, I am left thinking that the political process in Canada needs erectile dysfunction medication. Seriously, it's like Barack and Hillary are measuring their penis not against a recognized measure, but by the number of people they represent. Hillary targets the white middle American, Barack appeals to the coastal and black American. Thanks to the ENDLESS data analysis at CNN, we also know how the colour of one's knickers sways how they vote in the primaries. It seems that in the south, where the water is harder, and thus the tighty whitey's are more gray... they vote for Hillary. And where the water is softer and the panties are more white, they vote for the guy who is more gray (half white/half black). Who do you vote for if you wear edible undies?

I have more faith in the American public than their own media has. I believe that if you stop analysing every move, the voters will choose a candidate based on their eloquence and ability. Maybe the UN was on to something when they declared the 21st of May as World day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. The premise of such a day is to "learn to live together better?" 1. Maybe if you shut down the 24 hour news channels desperate for content to fill the 8,766 hours of airtime every year, voters wouldn't be told what they should think. Maybe then there would be real dialogue and real development regardless of cultural diversity. Head for your local watering hole, and chat it up. Thank your wait staff for providing the lubricant for your gray matter because its National Wait Staff Day. Thank them in words, and in tips. Please don't thank them with lint, small change, your seemingly brilliant sense of humour, or your phone number.

The media outlets have really played with our minds. The media helps us decide who to vote for or not, what we like and don't like and what is beautiful and what is not so beautiful. We buy into it and then wonder why 7 year olds are dieting. Sadly, it will only get more prolific as the telecommunications industry gets closer and closer to total convergence. Already online ads are targeted specifically to you based on the websites you visit.

When we are identified universally by our IP, our TV program choices and the phone numbers we dial will all be one giant data bank collected for targeted marketing. So while it is Feast of the Triple Scoop Day, and there are anti-advertising groups promoting Turn Beauty Inside Out Day today, I'll be watching CNN, American Idol, reading magazines, and wondering if instead of dieting, I could get a patch for that.

1. United Nations website about World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
Today is also "I Need a Patch for That Day".

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  1. Totally agree that too much of how we think and feel about things is what we are bombarded with on CNN and Fox 24 hour news. We should be reading more and thinking more for ourselves on what the issues are for us.


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