Friday, May 9, 2008

Weeks Go By....

May 9, 2008 - Yesterday was No Socks Day. So let's stay on that subject for another day. Socks. You wear two. Two make it in to the laundry hamper. Generally, two (at least you are certain you saw two) go in the machine. Two socks come out of the machine and enter the dryer. Both socks did make it in to the dryer right? So where on this green earth do the missing socks go? They're not under the bed. They are not in the next load. They are NOT in my drawer. And the pile of 'oners' I have is indeed a pile of 'oners'. There is not a pair in the pile.

I searched the web looking for answers to this age old (as old as automatic laundry machines) question. There are suggestions that there is a vortex fueled on socks. The dog eats them. (Now that is possible in my house - only they often show up a day or two later. I DO NOT keep them). One website suggests the socks are not lost at all, but rather non-conforming and searching for a greater meaning. Apparently Stephen King wrote in his book Insomnia about where they end up, but I can't read his books - they keep me up at night.

Seriously, I could go on and on on the subject. The point of all this is that today is Lost Sock Memorial Day. It's a day to remember fondly the rogue sock that once warmed your toes. Seems I've lost some of my favourites. I have a pile on my dresser that I was looking through just the other day. So, after reminiscing lovingly about the socks... throw out the loners and move on. That's it. That is Lost Sock Memorial Day. I guess that means I don't need the lonely sock wreath I was making?

This weekend will be Mother's Day. I'll have plenty to say about mothers, and mine in particular. However, today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Given our soldiers are at war, and putting their lives on the line, this is a day to think on how hard that must be for the spouse at home. I can't imagine what that must be like. What is must be to be constantly afraid of the knock at the door. My grandmother was a war bride. In fact, she met her husband, my grandfather, while he was fighting in the highlands of Scotland. She too felt the fear that maybe he wouldn't make it home. He did, and I'm here because of that.

What about some of the week-long celebrations? Of course these weeks all started last Sunday or Monday. Sorry I missed them. Where does the week go? Well, this week has been Wildflower Week, Nurses Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, Pet Week, Post Card Week, Reading is Fun Week (but seriously, this Blog is fun to read every week), Life Coach Recognition Week, Family Week, Hug Holiday Week, and my favourite... Update Your References Week. Can I use you as a reference?

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