Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stupid guys, adorable bunnies

June 22, 2008 - It's Sunday morning. You had a late night, and you stumble in to the bathroom only to fall in. It's Saturday afternoon, and you want to check out the new farmers market, but it's out of the way. He won't ask for directions, so you end up lost and miss the market. Don't forget the birthday he forgot. Or how about the fascination with XBox or football - oh wait - that's a me thing.

All these SGT's (Stupid Guy Things) are really what make the males of the species so entertaining. SGT's are those little things that might drive you nuts at the time, but give you fodder for girls night. Now all those other SGT's (Silly Girl Things) are pretty ridiculous too, and I'm sure they give hours and hours of entertainment to the guys while they hang out scratching themselves in front of the big screen. A very good friend of mine has the most amazing fellow for a husband. I don't think the man has a stupid guy thing habit in his being. He is a gentleman, a fabulous cook, a good friend, and has interests in everything. Now she on the other hand... may have a few SGT habits...

So for today, we'll forego the girl talk, and turn on ESPN. Sadly, Basketball is over for the season (Yay Celtics), Football hasn't started (Go Green Bay!), Hockey is a ways down the road (Go Canucks??), and Tiger is out for the season. But, I'm sure there is a car race, or fuse ball tournament on some channel somewhere. Hell, today can be wings, beer, scratching, and leaving the seat up. We girls can say nothing about it, for it is Stupid Guy Thing Day. For today, these are perfectly acceptable behaviours.

In 1976, June 22nd was the day that Canada abolished capital punishment, and in 1870 the United States formed the US Department of Justice. There are so many issues that could be tossed around on these topics, but I would rather focus on the ideals of justice. Justice should be a deterrent to abhorrent behaviours. Treat each other as you wish to be treated. I would like to believe that this is one reason why capital punishment was abolished in Canada. Do unto others is a universal principle that can be applied to all lives in all countries and all cultures. In fact, today is also Be Kind to Stuffed Animals Day, so do unto your stuffies as you would have done to you!

Sadly, in North America, there is no crime in leaving the toilet seat up, but shouldn't there be some kind of punishment for it? Perhaps not today. But tomorrow is another story....

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