Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dare You to Move...

June 1, 2008 - So June has arrived. I dare you to slow down time. Could it be that gravity is making the earth smaller and smaller - speeding up the spin - speeding up time? Or maybe it is just age. Call it what you want, today is Dare Day.

Yesterday was No Tobacco Day. Still smoking? I dare you to quit. And for those of us who have quit, today is also Cancer Survivors Day. This is a day to honour not only the survivors of cancer, but the family, friends and professionals that helped along the way. We are often overloaded with cancer charities fund raising efforts most of the time, and yet, how is it that we haven't found a cure? Maybe one day this won't be a day at all. Until then, we can thank those support networks for all they do.

The first Sunday in June is also Canadian Forces Day. The men and women of the Canadian Forces are out there daring themselves to be more brave on a daily basis. As the tours of duty repeat, and their time away from their support networks increases, we should be grateful there are Canadians stepping up to the plate. Though you may not now or ever be in the forces, maybe today is the day you dare yourself to do something you've been afraid to try. To borrow from Switchfoot 1. "Welcome to the planet, welcome to existence". Now get out there and live outside of your cage.

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