Monday, June 9, 2008

Don't move, I'll go get you a roadmap.

June 9, 2008 - When you become a verb, does that buy you fame? Infamy? A built in excuse? It's not my fault, it was Alli'd? If I were to become a verb, what would Alli'd be? I have a few thoughts. It could mean lost. (I lose things). It could mean dared and tried (I tend to find trouble without looking). I'm Alli'd could be an alternate way of saying I'm in. I never turn down an adventure. If you were verbed, what would your verb mean? I have a friend who doesn't handle talkers in movie theatres well. She chucks things at them - she starts with the small stuff - popcorn, gum wrappers, and if that isn't working, will work up to empty drink bottles to quiet the noise. This is now referred to as being torried.

Nouns being verbed is common place in today's world. Creating a file (say an Adobe Acrobat file) is described with the verb - pdf'ing. To take a sound file and create a .wav file, you can wav it. These audio files, wav files once could entertain me for hours on end. Like a cat with a ball of yarn, there was hours and hours of entertainment in this game. We would wav each other - change the standard OS sounds for wav files that were much more entertaining. Whipping sounds for an incoming message, Monty Python sounds for incoming mail... It was even more fun when done covertly. Ah the "whip_ow.wav" file.

Then there was the Donald Duck wav... oh oh.... slow down... I think Walt might have blushed if he had heard this one. Mr. Disney introduced Donald and his little known twin sister Della on this day in 1934 in "The Wise Little Hen". I'm willing to bet that Walt had no idea his sweet innocent duck would be wav'd in such a way. But alas, on Donald Duck Day, all I can think about is the darker side of the Duck. Sorry Walt.

In 1909, Alice Huyler Ramsey, and three girlfriends, got in a car, hit the highway, and became the original Thelma and Luise (and two others). Alice was a 22-year-old housewife, who got itchy feet, hopped in her Maxwell automobile, and hit the road. For 49 days, she drove from Manhattan to San Francisco (the girlfriends couldn't drive). Call it adventure, call it irresponsible, call it wild and unpredictable, but on June 9th, Alice became the first woman to drive across the US. In honour of Alice, I will declare today Alice Hit the Road Day. There must be something about Ali's.

About being verbed... to alli might mean to do something wild, unpredictable, adventurous, disorganized. Works for me.

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