Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sometimes less is just less.

June 21, 2008 - When is less really more? When there is less chocolate? Less love? Less money? Less time? Less to do? Less respect? Less sleep? And what is it all more of? The phrase "Less is More" is often attributed to architects Buckminster Fuller or Ludwig Mies van der Rohe 1. to describe the modern minimalism style. In fact, it was a line in a Browning poem "Men and Women."

I suppose there are some things that indeed qualify as 'less is more'. Or rather, less is better. Today is Less is More Day, and the notion of this day is indeed to savour the days of summer with de-cluttered, simpler times. It makes perfect sense, especially in the lazy hazy days.

As a product of the day that is most often the start of summer (this year's leap year messes that up a little), there are a few other days of note. Today is also Aimless Wandering Day, Go Skateboarding Day, and National Peaches and Cream Day. Often, the days don't seem to make all that much sense, but there certainly is a theme to the day. I think the motto for today should be - Simplify, Laze, and Get Lost. Really, if half the folks in your life became less complicated, and the other half got lost... wouldn't less be more?

Of course I can't let Cuckoo Warning Day go by without a mention. If you hear a cuckoo today - it will be a wet summer. For the love of all things holy and hot... please please please stop your cuckoo clocks. We can't take any more rain. If your cuckoo clock can't be stopped, at the very least, take it out in to the woods. If a cuckoo clock cuckoos in the forest, and there isn't anyone to hear...

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