Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smile You Lads and Lassies...

June 15, 2008 - Experimentation makes the world go round. And around and around. I went out for drinks tonight with a fellow (gal) that lives by the notion. As a man, he is a renowned physicist. As a woman, she is a girl about town. As confusing as that might sound, (s)he is cheeky and outgoing. I'm never sure if I should be calling him/her a cheeky bitch, or a cheeky bugger. I'm guessing that is part of the experiment. As a physicist, this is a smart, engaging and challenging fellow who has had a large impact on much of the research happening in science today. As a gal, she is better dressed than I, and her shoes are fabulous.

I'm fascinated by the ability to drop who you are expected to be, and step out, well heeled (Manolo Blahniks anyone?) as someone totally different. If you could leave the house as someone else who would you be? Can you be sure there isn't a part of you that isn't that person already? I am convinced that the people we look up to are our ideals because they are already somewhat like us. Are we drawn to those we resemble or do we resemble the people to whom we are most attracted? I'm attracted to people who are able to take life in stride. Those who are laid back and always smiling. I would leave the house as one of these people. For today, tis a good fit. Today is Smile Power Day - a day to smile and pass that smile along.

It is also Father's Day. This is a strange day for me. It's the kind of day to call up your dad, dust off your golf clubs and hit the links. These days, I'm a better golfer than he is, which means I'd have to play badly to let him win. Not. One thing I'll never leave the house as is a good sport. I live for the victory. I instead will take the day to golf with friends. I promise I'll have a few good laughs, and with any luck, I'll win. If not, I'll smile anyway (and lie on the score card).

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