Monday, June 2, 2008

Hey Bubba, Punch Out Early

June 2, 2008 - There is a bubba in every crowd. If there isn't one in your crowd, you might be it. Don't worry, today, being Bubba or being a Bubba is a good thing. The 2nd of June is National Bubba Day. A day to honour anyone named Bubba (formally or informally). Now in my crowd, my dog is Bubba. He answers to Bubba. He looks like a Bubba, and if he were human, he would certainly be a Bubba. Rex is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He has a fabulously enormous cranium and a stripy paint job that gives him real homeboy appeal. Rex - a.k.a. Bubba - is a guy's guy. If he were human, he'd be driving a Chevy.

I've had a few dogs in my life, and each one was so very different. There was an apricot Poodle named Sandy. If Sandy were human, he'd be one of those sweet, swishy boys on Davie Street, who was never really sure of himself. He'd fall madly in love each and every weekend with the first good looking guy to buy him a daiquiri, have his heart broken by Tuesday, and be back out on Friday. Then there was Tinker. Tinker was a red Poodle. Laid back and overly relaxed, Tinker will most certainly be reincarnated as a Rasta poet on the beaches of MoBay. Tink was a dreadlocked, laid back, lover of a dog. As a dog, he made a living as a stud. As a human, he will make his living as a err... poet. And of course there is Yoyo. Yo is a Chihuahua who would be selling flowers and picking pockets at the Mexican border. He is sly, fast, fierce, and ready for a fight.

Now there is Bubba (Rex)... He's about rollin' down the windows down, ball caps, beer and beach. Call it insanity, call it creativity, or call it anthropomorphism if you like. Dogs have taken a very different place in our lives largely with thanks to the billions dollar pet industry. They are cheaper than children, and are a much shorter commitment. If you convert dog years to human years, it's about 7:1. Time moves fast enough, thank goodness we don't live as fast as a dog does.

Today is also Leave the Office Early Day. This should be an easy one to celebrate. In fact, count your day in dog hours and head home at 10:20 am. See you at the beach!

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