Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Captain George, No Not THAT One...

June 4, 2008 - I live in Hollywood North, the Wet Coast, Granola Town, Honkouver, Sushi Central, Cascadia North... And honestly, they all fit. Hollywood North? Well, more movies are filmed here in Vancouver than anywhere else in Canada, largely because of the timezone, the available crews and the short flight from LA. The Wet Coast - well, speaks for itself really. It rains. It rains often. It rains hard. The forests are Temperate Rain Forest. The lawns are green year round. Granola Town? Yup. We have more organic folk in Vancouver than pretty much anywhere. It gives us the distinction of being the healthiest city in Canada, the longest living city in Canada, and the most Vegetarian friendly city in North America 1. HongKouver - well, we have a large population of Asian Canadians who are from Hong Kong. This means we also have the best Chinese food, and an unlimited selection of Dim Sum and Hot Pot. Did I mention the 'all you can eat sushi'? Mmm Sushi.

This is reflected in the Sister Cities of Vancouver. Hollywood North? Sister city to Los Angeles. Wet Coast? Sister city to Edinburgh. Hongkouver? Sister city to Guangzhou. Sushi Central? Sister city to Yokohama. We are also a sister city to Odessa. This one puzzles me a little. You can't find a good Russian restaurant anywhere in town, and there just isn't a huge fascination with ballet.

The city that Vancouver is probably closest to, both in lifestyle and in geography is Seattle. Just a few minutes down the road, Seattle is in so many ways Vancouver South. Other than the football and baseball... wait we have that. Ok, if not for the tower with the spinning restaurant on top... No, we have three of those. Ok, if not for the spectacular waterfront markets and seasides... nope, got that too. If only we were part of the same country. Well, in reality, that too may not be much of a difference. On June 4, in 1792, Captain George Vancouver claimed the Puget Sound for Great Britain. 2. So in fact, both Seattle and Vancouver were found by Captain George. We got George Vancouver's name, they got George Bush.

So today, the Wet Coast will celebrate Vancouver-Puget Sound Day by taking in the best of the Pacific North West and the many beautiful things about living in Cascadia. Bring on the Sushi, the Hot Pot and Dim Sum, and waterfront markets.
Today is also National Tailor Day. So when you're dropping off your suits to let them out after all that Dim Sum, don't forget to appreciate your tailor. Tell a joke that will leave them in stitches.

Ouch. That was just plain PUNishment. Sorry.

1. Vegetarian Friendly Rankings
2. Captain George Vancouver had many escapades while mapping the world along side Captain Cook.

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