Saturday, June 14, 2008

Going Down...

June 14, 2008 - Blood is thicker than wine... yet after a few wine, everyone is like family - fair game to whom you spill your heart. After a few wine, you'll get out on the dance floor in four inch heels, stay upright, and have a great time with the others on the dance floor you only met during the first two bars of Billy Idol. I will never remember all the people I've met on dance floors, but I do remember the bands and the music. I wonder how many of the folks from the dance floor drove home. Did their night of drinking and dancing and good times end in tragedy?

I watched yesterday as several ambulances tried to navigate traffic. It was Friday rush hour, and after a week of work, every car on the road seemed to be in a hurry to get to their destination. After all, where they were going on a Friday night in June was much more important. Nobody pulled over for the ambulance. What if that ambulance was transporting a family member? Heading to an accident in which a friend was involved? And still - no body moves. It was as if they didn't notice. I hope they at the very least give blood.

I don't give blood. I have been asked, kindly, not to come back. It's just more work than it's worth. My veins play hide and seek from the needle and it drives the phlebotomist mad. At the first site of my own blood gathering in that bag, I go down for the count. I pass out. Two days ago, I sat down on a sharp edge, and stabbed myself in the back of the leg. It is only a half-inch cut, but... at the site of my own blood... I hit the floor. For the sake of the person in the ambulance, I'm glad there are others out there who do indeed give blood. A friend received his gold card for having donated blood over 100 times (106 times as of next Saturday).

Today is World Blood Donor Day. For everyone that has given blood even once, have a glass of OJ and a cookie, and pat yourself on the back. For me, I'll reach for the smelling salts.


  1. I don't think I heard you. That was a Latté and a cookie, right? Thought so!

  2. hey there, loved your message for the day, giving blood is one of the easiest and most selfless things a person can do. Wasn't sure you knew, but your PAPA gave blood for his entire life, right up to when he got the cancer that claimed his life. He also rec'd numerous pins for his lifelong commitment to blood donation.


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