Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey... I went to School with that guy

Tuesday, 3 August 2010 - August has arrived.  This puts us on the back side of the year and marching quickly to the end of the year, and no worry, Christmas will be upon us soon.  But in the mean time, we can now enjoy the peak of Summer... the heat of August.  On the west coast (normally the wet coast), we have had one of the driest July's in over 30 years, and what is normally very green is a fine shade of Chesapeake - ah, I mean, Dead Grass.

Everything is brown.  If you want a green lawn, you are going to need to get that sprinkler out, and set the water to start in the middle of the night so you don't get fined for watering against the restrictions.  I guess that as it warms up, people get thirsty and make so many ice cubes that there isn't any water left for the front lawn.  August is Water Quality Month... and it's a good thing too.  Imagine poor quality ice cubes?  How could you be sure your Scotch is safe?

August is also Picnic Month. Though I'm sure I've been on a picnic where there was an opportunity to form other memories, what I remember the most is ants, a bee sting, looking for a bathroom, a stranger's dog that did not listen, and fear of food poisoning. On television, picnics always look like so much more fun than this.  My next picnic will incorporate smuggled in wine, cheese and crackers on a bench in the underwater viewing area at the aquarium.  I will watch the fishies and the whales and when the picnic is over... head out for sushi.

Aquariums are very high on my favourite places to visit list. I have been to the aquarium at every city I've visited if there is an aquarium to visit. In Seattle I brought with me a service dog who too has a thing for water and water life.  When we got out to meet the seals, my dog and the seals had one heck of a conversation. I'm thankful that the aquarium was near empty of other patrons as it was near closing time. In London, there is a glass floor you can walk across... that is across the very large shark tank. If you look down, it looks as though you could very well be swimming with the fishies with the very large and numerous teeth.  As cool as this is... my heart was pounding pretty hard.

Atlanta has a spectacular aquarium.  The sharks are huge, and their teeth, well, are plenty big enough.  Vancouver's aquarium is special to me.  I hadn't been near the aquarium in several years.  I returned this summer to discover a real treasure.  The whales and the dolphins are amazing to watch.  The underwater viewing areas are beautiful, and there is so much to see and do, that you really do need a full day and a picnic lunch. This is a picnic to which I look forward. I shall pack watermelon. After all, today is Watermelon Day an it seems appropriate.  Do you think it would be in bad taste (and by bad taste I mean delicious) to pack sushi?

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