Thursday, August 5, 2010

Plumbers and Panties.

Thursday, 05 August, 2010 - Eight hours of sleep each night.  Eight hours at work each day. One hour or more of commuting. That means that each day you have roughly 5 hours to live your life.  But that 5 hours also includes time you need to prepare breakfast, shower, dry your hair, pick out the days duds, make dinner, eat dinner, wash up, and get ready for bed. So what kind of life can you have in the remaining time?  Thank god for weekends.  But so many people take work home with them on the weekends as well.

Working like a dog seems to be the way of the world these days.  Computers were supposed to make our lives easier, and give us the ability to work more productively. Work is much easier. It is now so much more easy to work on the weekends and at night... we need only log in. We can work on our own computers and email the files to ourselves, and answer email even while on vacation.  Work is not something we leave anymore.  That eight hours becomes closer to twelve.  That means we really only have one hour to ourselves.

Today is Work Like a Dog Day...  surprise surprise surprise. And on a Thursday no less.  I'm sure more work gets done on a Thursday than any other day of the week.  Monday is too hard to face, and takes too long to get geared up.  Tuesday seems to bring on a lot of meetings - which are never conducive to productivity, and Wednesday is a good day for a long lunch and getting meeting notes done.  Thursday is the day the real work happens.  Commuter traffic is always a little busier on Thursdays, and the rush hours last longer.  Maybe in celebration of Work Like a Dog Day, you should take an extra long lunch, and not bring any work home with you.  In fact, it is a perfect day to work like we did 30 years ago.  Go to work, punch in, do your thing, punch out, go home, find your slippers and a happy hour cocktail, read the paper and get a good night's rest.

Now if you are a plumber or electrician, I recommend working hard, but please please please wear your schnicks. You earn tradesman wages.  You must have enough in the budget for a pair of gruds or two that fit.  Even if your trousers fall down to the middle of your ass, you could keep that cleave covered.  Celebrate Underwear Day by wearing some.  For the ladies, I think today's underwear should be sexier than you might normally wear to the office.  Go with something small and lacy... sexy skivvies can give you an edge if you do get called in to a meeting. Our smallclothes, our unmentionables can set the tone for your day.  Nothing like a good pair of WonderWoman UnderRoos to give you an boost for the day. Tightie whities probably don't have much impact at all.  A pair of leopard print silk boxers could have you walking with a wiggle.

Whatever your undergarmet choice is today, may it give you a wiggle, a giggle, and a little secret (not a dirty secret please... wash your drawers).

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