Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tomorrow never comes.... pass me a drink today.

Sunday, 22 August 2010 - When do you know it's time to say enough is enough? Do you need a sign?  Some kind of celestial signal? Perhaps it is time when your horror-scope says it's time.  I think everyone needs a sign... some kind of beacon or alarm that denotes time.  There is the morning alarm clock which ultimately tells you it is time to wake.  There is the pop up window that tells you it's time for your meeting, and there is the buzzer on the oven to tell you it's time to put in the roast. But what is the tell-tale sign that it is time to stop procrastinating, or some kind of kick to the behind that says you can think about it forever but if you don't actually put the shoes on, that run will never happen.  Seriously... why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

Well, I suppose that is because tomorrow never really arrives.  There is ALWAYS a tomorrow... well, at least we can hope that is the case.  In reality, our next breath is assumed. Tomorrow may never arrive, and all we have is right now. We can't spend out lives waiting on tomorrow, or planning to 'start' that soon.  Sometime you just need to start. Start now, not tomorrow, don't wait for the perfect day of the week...  Monday... everything should start on a Monday.  Or Sunday - hey... that's today - because it's the start of the week according to the calendar.  

So it is Sunday, it is the start of the week, and it is now.  What will you start that you have put off?  I have been putting off many things because sometimes it is just easier to think that there will be another day to get to that.  I procrastinate myself right out of great ideas. It took me 11 months to settle on a sofa.  Rome wasn't built in a day you know.  On the other hand, at least the Romans got around to building the city.  If it were left to me, the gladiators would still be living in cardboard boxes on the side of dirt paths.

Alas, it is Sunday.  I will get started on a few things today...  like the laundry.  I've been looking at the pile of laundry that is beginning to take over my room and certainly the closet for some time now.  I have a large Rubbermaid container full of old clothes and household crap that I no longer want nor need that I have been moving from room to room for those same 11 months that it took to find the sofa upon which I am now sitting. I have hit the green grocer and stocked the fridge with the things that make my body happy - vegetables, vegetables, vegetables and fruit so that tomorrow I can eat healthily.  Today is already a right off.  I've had an enormous coffee and a Coke Zero for Breakfast, chased down with a Burger King Whopper - minus the bun.  Last night I was certainly no Angel, but today will be better - and will not include wine.  There was enough of that yesterday.  I may not have had a healthy start to the day, but I will have a healthy finish.  And tomorrow will flow from today.  I am no Angel, that is for sure, but seeing as it is Be An Angel Day, I can put my best foot forward and give it a go.  If I wait for tomorrow, it will be too late.

Of course, if I start tomorrow... it would be the start of a new week.  I like that plan the best.  Now, be an Angel and get me a glass of vino.

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