Friday, July 30, 2010

And your fears are?....

Friday, 30 July 2010 - Fear lives in all of us. We often fear what we do not know or what we don't understand. We fear heights, open spaces, enclosed spaces, depths, deep water, spiders, bees... But fear offers a challenge that we will sometimes step up to the plate, bat in hand, and attempt to knock it out of the ball park. Unfortunately, fear can also offer complete paralysis. There are just some fears that take more than a good friend holding your hand to get you through. But what about those fears that are so deep, they seem impossible to overcome?

For some, there is no greater fear than naked public speaking. For many more, there is a fear of being in that audience. There is no doubt a direct negative correlation to those you want to see naked, and those you will. The same can be said for topless and nude beaches. On St. Maarten/St. Martin, the beaches are beautiful.  Unless of course you are on the French side. On the St. Martin side, the beaches are all topless and many are clothing optional. Those who choose to exercise this option are often old, with butt cheeks that have a leathered look to them. These are obviously glutes that see a lot of the sun (and probably are burned on to the retinas of many sun seekers) and not a lot of sunscreen. As for breasts... well, they too had a hang time of which Shaq would be proud. When it comes to fears, this is something from which one should run.

What about the ordinary things?  Elevators are a fear that could encompass a few other phobias; enclosed spaces, strangers, heights, body odor, cheap perfume and the naked guy on his way to the 12th floor to give that speech. Not sure how you get around all these fears.  You could take the stairs if your knees can take the load. Escalators are often in a state of repair and out of service. So you could just suck it up and call the car.  While you are in there, today is a great day to overcome your fear of strangers.  It is Talk In an Elevator Day.  Of course there is nothing there that says you have to talk to another. You could just talk to yourself. Perhaps the other people in there with you have a fear of the touched.  Think of it as a public service.

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