Friday, August 27, 2010

What does your car say about you?

Friday, 27 August 2010 - The world is full of anomalies. There are things that just make good sense, and then there are things that make you go 'hmmm.' How about cars?  Make good sense right?  They get us were we need to go, and they get us there quickly. They come in a variety of styles ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. My current favourite is the Dodge Charger... It is like sex on four wheels. I think laying on the hood of it and revving the engine might be as close as you could come to 'auto'erotica. There are minivans for transporting all those kiddies which make you wish you hadn't had sex in four wheels. There are convertibles that leave you hoping there is a brush in the glove box, and there are sedans for when we get old. In reality, our cars tell a lot about who you are... practical, emotional, yuppie, under-endowed, family focused, egoist, tree-hugger, asian, student (you know you had one of these cars once... held together with duct tape), workaholic, drug dealer, pimp, or in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

My car is a cross-over... part mini-van, part hatch-back, part car. Any way you slice it, my car says practical - which actually doesn't say much about me at all.  I have this car because it gave the Dog his own space. Fortunately, it is also good on gas and still fits well in to the small car spaces in the parkade. Of course this doesn't say much. There are many SUV's and trucks parked in these stalls, so close to the other cars that you have to hope the Mini Cooper next to it has a sun-roof so the guy can get back in to his car.

So in this era of reduce-reuse-recycle, why is it that you still see so many giant new vehicles on the road? Other than the obvious need to pump up their munchkin member, what must the fuel bill be like for these beasts? Are the car companies getting a kick back from the oil companies to continue to produce such unnecessary vehicles? Maybe today there will be a large sale on Suburbans and Expiditions in celebration of Oil and Gas Industry Appreciation Day. We can all celebrate this one today. Let's rev our engines, idle for hours, and then fill up and thank the Oil and Gas Industry for all they have done.

Seriously, it isn't as though the large majority of us are going to give up our cars for Mother Earth, but we can learn to drive smarter, less often, and whenever possible, move to more fuel efficient cars.  Perhaps then we can stop the rushed raping of the earth's oils and avoid some of the greatest environmental disasters we've seen - thanks to the Oil and Gas Industry.  BP and Exxon have caused enough damage in this lifetime I'm sure.  So yes, today we appreciate this industry, and at the same time, we scratch our heads about the damage they cause. How can you appreciate BP, especially if you live along side the Gulf of Mexico? Today is also Global Forgiveness Day, so maybe we don't appreciate BP at the moment, but we can forgive them could we not? After all, we still drive cars to go to 6 blocks. Perhaps Mother Earth will forgive me when I trade in my practical and fuel efficient car on my black Dodge Charger with a V8 Hemi.  Keep pumping that oil folks, I'm gonna need it

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