Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thou shalt stick your head out the window

Sunday, 8 August 2010 -  When asked my religion, I am quick to say that I do believe in Dog.  There is so much we can learn from Dog, and many spammails (smails?) have touted the importance of learning from Dog.  These are life's commandments as written by Dog:
  1. Thou shalt live life in the moment
  2. Thou shalt always show your appreciation
  3. Thou shalt be enthusiastic, even when the ride ends
  4. Thou shalt be there to lend a paw
  5. Thou shalt enjoy each meal with vigour, even when it's the same as yesterday
  6. Thou shalt snooze like you mean it
  7. Thou shalt chase the things that make you happy
  8. Thou shalt make every attempt to keep your mate's feet warm
  9. Thou shalt always be loyal and true
  10. Above all, thou shalt wag more, bark less
If we could live by these rules, life would be no less complicated but would be more liveable. Some of us live more in one or two of these commandments than others.  It is no different for Dog Disciples (a.k.9 pet dogs). Assistance Dogs live more in Commandment #4, #9 and a little of #8.  Assistance dogs are the holy grail of Dog.

Imagine a fuzzy face that not only gets your slippers and brings you the newspaper (that is so last century), but brings you medication, picks up quarters, supports your weight when you fall, pulls your wheelchair, opens doors and carries the grocery bag, steers you around obstacles and tells you when you are approaching stairs, or lets you know the baby is crying or someone is calling your name.  This is not only a Dog send for people with disabilities, vision impairments or are deaf, but the difference between normalcy and dependence.  Today is it Assistance Dog Day.  It isn't quite Easter, but it is something we should all appreciate. It is also a day to celebrate and praise the families that open their homes to raising a puppy that they will one day give away for a better cause, to the trainers who make certain these dogs are ready for their important role, and to the Assistance Dog users who have found a way to independence that relies on the love of a canine friend to help open doors. 

Today is also Odie Day... a special day marking the birth of Garfield's pal Odie.  Sundays are meant for pancakes and comics, and Odie knew that well - just ask Garfield and Jon.  Living by Commandments #2, 3, 5, 7 and 9, Odie knows that a laugh, a good meal and a wag is all you need... Sundays and any other day.  Happiness is all in the wag.  Ultimately, your wag is in your head. Happiness happens. Happiness exists because you want it, because you live in the moment, because you show your enthusiasm and appreciation, because you chase that golden ball. Today may be Happiness Happens Day, but happiness should happen everyday. Just roll down the windows and enjoy the ride.

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