Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer hits the trail

Tuesday, 31 August 2010 - Well folks, this is it.  This is the end of August. Tomorrow it is September and you know what that means right? Christmas decorations will begin appearing in a retail window near you.  Indeed Costco has had their Christmas decorations, trees and outdoor lights in stock and on display for over three weeks already. Soon, the city will be out putting up new fall and winter banners, and school will be back in session.

How was your summer? Did you get enough time in the sun? Did you soak up a year's allotment of Vitamin D? Did you commune with nature enough to give you your warm and fuzzies until June? How about all those fishermen and campers? Did you get out there a sufficient number of times so as not to say next year I will try and get out more? I know I didn't get nearly as much golf in as I had wanted to this season, and so I will attempt to play a few more rounds in the fall - when all the kids are back in school and the weekdays on the course can return back to the adults. But, no doubt I will be vowing to play more next year.

I thought this year I would spend some time hiking on not so level terrain in hopes of getting a bit more physical and maybe get ready for a larger hike in a foreign country. I was ready to stock up on hiking boots (ooh... an excuse to buy shoes), and get one of those handbags that have two straps and are worn on one's back that these outdoorsy people all seem to have. I've been told to hit the trail a few times, and this summer I fully intended on doing just that.  I even developed my own trail mix blend that not only tasted good, but was loaded with both healthy good stuff and a requisite amount of dark organic chocolate chunks. Hmm... maybe a trip to Whole Foods is in order.  My trail mix is actually pretty good off the trails, and it is Trail Mix Day. Organic almonds, dried cranberries, pecans, walnuts, chocolate and mango is as good as it gets.  Add to that a cheese plate and a glass of red, and you have the kind of dinner or dessert that says "I have taste, but not too domestic."  With this, I can live.

Alas, as we say good-bye to August, and we near the end of baseball, boys in tight white pants, and summer vacation, we look forward to the fall.  A new collection of fall sweaters in the latest colours and warmer trousers is always good. I don't look so out of season in the fall when I'm bundled up in a sweater or two. I bet that I could pair this seasons latest colours with a pair of hiking boots and matching trekking jacket and hit one of those trails yet. After all, if we were to take that trail stroll in that foreign country, I'm thinking it wouldn't be so warm at the top of the hill.  I'll go get the nuts.

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