Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spooning on a hammock

Thursday, 22 July 2010 - A slip of the tongue can get a girl in a lot of trouble.  Tonight, while standing about on a platform with two men in blue, we got to talking about the coffee one had in his hand which was reported as being bitter and black.  I replied "just the way I like it".  You would think I would of caught myself... or realized what I had said.  I was referring to the coffee, but as I look at the partner, well, he could be described as bitter and a little black.  That might be a slip of the tongue... or it could just be my inside voice and my outside voice are on a swob jap.   I mean.. a job swap. Apparently my brain cells are in a hammock somewhere.

Today is Spooner Day, also known as Spoonerisms Day.  A spoonerism is one of those slips of the tongue where the start of words may get swapped around. Reverend Spooner was born in England in 1844 and was a long time lecturer at Harvard.  He was famous for flipping his words.  Seems Spooner wasn't dumb, or even lazy... seems his tongue just couldn't keep up with his tongue.  So when I'm looking for a good sparking pot, it's not about marijuana, and it isn't about finding a place for the car... it's because my tongue is not able to keep up to my brain.  I'm thood with gat.

Maybe it has nothing to do with keeping up to my brain.  Maybe it is more about my brain cells on vacation.  I'm seriously beginning to think that the older I get, the more brain cells that take time off.  I worked them very hard for a very long time and they have earned 8 weeks of paid vacation annually.  If so, in any given time, up to a full sixth of my brain is in a hammock somewhere between two trees.  I can only hope that when they get back from that vacation they come back ready to fire thoughts around in my head again.  Thoughts can be elusive, and the more I work, and the less I need them, they seem to vaporize.  I think that when you work too much and play too little, thinking actually becomes difficult... near impossible even. And yet, all you end up with is brain cells on vacation, but the body is still punching a clock (clunching a pock?).

So lately, I've been thinking about the number of days I have worked, and the number of days I've vacated.  The ratio is not good. Indeed it is appalling. So much for not working more than needed, and working on the rest of my life.  I am hugely unsuccessful in having a 'rest of my life' so I work, which makes it  hard to have a 'rest of my life'.  Sense something a bit circular? I sure do. I just don't know how to get off the merry-go-round.  I have to find a way to get the rest of my life in to a hammock.  Today is surely the day to do it.  Today is Hammock Day. String up some string between a couple of trees and swing. I will likely not spend today in that hammock, but I will spend today sorting out how I will spend the next 8 days away from work. Perhaps if I take my body away from the punch clock, I could get some of my brain cells back in the game. This is valuable advice for all of us.  Seriously...  take some time to hang around and breathe.  This is good advice. I hope I will take it.  Kugs and Hisses....  Me.

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