Thursday, July 8, 2010

SCUD missiles and the enemy

Thursday, 8 July 2010 - There are few things in life that allow you a total escape.  The iPod up high and your running shoes on the pavement...  that is an escape.  Sunshine and a good spy novel... that's an escape only if you shut off your phones and can find silence.  But load up the Xbox or the PS3, pull out the pink controller (yes, the controller is pink), load your weapons, and shoot the shit out of anything that moves... that qualifies.

I don't see the lines of video gaming and the real world blurring, but the video game world can sure blurr the real one if only for an hour or two. Who can worry about laundry when there are aliens attacking?  Mail to go through?  Not while there are legions of tanks to move across the land.  Paper work? Bah...  I have a bout with Evander in a few minutes.  Put up your dukes, lets get down to it.  Yes, the older I get, the more I appreciate the simplicity of the escape.  Did I mention I'm a Rock God in my video world?  I can hammer a bass line with the best of the Geddy Lee's and  Flea's. Of course I only have 5 buttons and a toggle for strings, but I Rock.  The screen tells me so.

In the world of first person shooter games, I am usually tagged as bait.  Seriously lacking in weaponry skills, but for a girl... I could be so much worse.  And really, in team games, I'm ok running in to the open in hopes of  drawing out the enemy.  Everyone needs a sacrificial lamb. I only hope that the rest of my teammates are 12 year old crater faced teens with a penchant for Coke and pizza pie... well and A.  Today is Video Games Day.  I could see this being a full weekend,  a week, or even a summer.  One day?  Seems too small for such a massive industry.  There is a National Video Games Day coming... but we have to wait for September.  I can wait, but I will not let this one pass me by.  I may even hook up the Wii and take some time on the tennis court and bowling alley. I wonder if at my age I can call in with Carpal Tunnel and stay home from work? I guess once I hit publish on this post that might be a little more challenging.  Do you think anyone from the office actually reads this?  I gotta hope not some days.  Other days, I think they might find out there is more to  me than my evil exterior. (Really... there is more than the evil exterior... there is the evil interior).

Today is also SCUD Day - Savour the Comic... Unplug the Drama.  I don't know much about the reasoning or the meaning behind such a day, but it sounds like a good reason to kick back and find a good laugh in anything that comes your way.  Drama?  Who has time for drama?  Besides, I was told by a very good friend that I only had until today to live in my drama.  This is the line in the sand that was drawn for me.  It may not be as relevant for anyone else, though I am willing to bet that every one of us has something that we could draw a line in the sand about.  If you do, today is the day.  Drop the drama in your life and find the inner comic... the humour of it all.  Dig deep if you must.  Find a reason to laugh at yourself and at the 'drama' around you.  How serious can we take this life anyway?  We start bald and toothless, and after growing out lovely locks and good strong teeth, we go back to that starting state - only without the cute factor.  That alone should be worth a giggle.  Think about it, if we could live life backwards, we would get more tolerable to be around, and just get cuter.  Think SCUD...  find the funny.  And if all else fails, launch a SCUD at the attackers.

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