Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To the fools go the spoils

Tuesday, 13 July 2010 - Paradise is subjective.  For some, that might be a few moments with a quiet coffee while your two little ones take a simultaneous nap. For others it might be a secluded tropical beach, a cabana, a cabana boy, and wee umbrellas in the drinks. For me, it might be as simple as finding a few days to golf, read, and get a little sunshine.  Actually, I'll take any kind of warm.  My paradise does not include cool winds, or even air conditioning.  I love the heat. But Paradise, by definition, should be elusive.  It should be a state of being that is sought but rarely caught; a state for which we strive by living our lives with as little negative impact on those around us as possible.  I wonder whether all those virgins are really necessary?

Maybe if we had all those virgins to offer the heads of BP we could have caused less damage to Paradise.  Perhaps Paradise for them is to now find a way to cap the flow of oil and clean up their shit.  It seems as though  the company's Paradise was a spot a few miles out in the Gulf where they could suck up the earth's spoils while spoiling the earth, the wildlife, and the livelihoods of the Gulf's residents. The Gulf, once a paradise, is now a greasy mess of dead and dying, tar balls and tears. I don't know how to handle the images of the oil soaked. It brings me to tears each and every time.  The fools at BP have not quite paved paradise, but I'm sure they have kept their paychecks coming and the parking lots full of luxury gas guzzlers.

Today is Fools Paradise Day.  Personally, I would prefer if BP hadn't lubricated the Gulf, but maybe that is just a fool's wish.  I drive a car. I buy fuel. I can't imagine life without a car.  To that end, I am one week in to a personal experiment.  I am without a car for 3 weeks.  It is a chance to find out just how easy it is to live without a car.  I work for a public transit system, and I nod in appreciation to the many professionals who use the system to commute. I am amazed at the number of people who make this earth conscious decision on a daily basis. I will likely only manage to eke out 3 weeks without a car, as I can see the limitations (especially with my 75 pound furry pal that is missing out on valuable beach time), but I can also see that this is a viable, and responsible option for commuting.  Maybe if we could all do the same, we would limit the number of oil companies seeing paradise as an oil rich well, miles below the oceans surface in eco-sensitive areas.

Imagine going to work for BP right now. Your company has a low public opinion, is responsible for possibly decades of clean up needs, and has killed off wildlife as though it was sport.  That might make it a little hard to get up every morning or admit to anyone you work for BP.  Employees died in the original platform accident, so that can't make it easy to go to work. I bet there are a few disgruntled people clocking in currently.  Today is not their day.  It is also Gruntled Employees Day... a day for those who don't have any difficulty getting up for work each day, and who actually seem to enjoy their work.  Are you Gruntled?

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