Monday, July 12, 2010

One eye looking at you...

Monday, 12 July 2010 - Your eyes are a window in to your soul.  They too are the windows through which we see the world ourselves. Imagine then if those windows get cracked or broken? If you have to look at life through cracked windows are you still seeing things the way others see them? Do you really see the world around you the way others see? When one person sees blue... is 'blue' the label put to the colour they see and is your version of 'blue' exactly the same?

There isn't any real proof that even the colours we see are the same. So in effect, not only are your eyes your windows to the world, but they are unique to you.  Two people see the same movie and one see's a romantic comedy, the other sees a social commentary on artificial insemination.  The same two people read a book.  One finds the book trite and weak, the other finds great solace in the message. Our eyes are but windows through which we gather information. Our minds are what extrapolate that information and turn it in to our beliefs, our experiences.. our memories.

So what if you have heterochromia (two eyes of different colours)?  Do your 'windows' allow you to see both sides? Do you have one window tinted and would that taint/tint your version of the world? Today is Different Coloured Eyes Day.  Perhaps it is intended to be a day of appreciating the differences in eye colour, or to appreciate those who have two eyes of different colours.  I would suggest that it could be more effective if we were to spend the day appreciating not the difference in the colours, but rather the differences in perception. Each of us has a unique view of the world in which we live.

It isn't uncommon for the world one lives in to go through changes that aren't readily perceivable by others.  Your world can change quite drastically merely by adjusting how you process the information that comes in through your eyes.  What your eyes see looking out doesn't change, but what others may see looking in might. To truly celebrate Different Coloured Eyes Day, spend time looking in to the eyes of those around you. Don't just register their colour.  Go deeper than that... attempt to see the world they way they see the world. It may create for you a deeper understanding of the people you see every day, but never really see.

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