Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'll have a large fries and therapy.

Saturday, 24 July 2010 - The full moon is but a day away.  Not only does this affect the tides, but Mother Earth's lunar body has an even greater effect on the tides of lunacy, pulling on our nutter juices. Crazy is a spectrum ranging from the touched to the totally off, and every one of us fits on that spectrum somewhere.  With the full moon, we take a step to the right... or is that the left?  Guaranteed someone you know will be a little more loony tomorrow. This scares me a little.  Tomorrow is also my birthday.  It is a big one... one of those new era birthdays that causes me ponder my mid-life crises and look at convertibles. I was already expecting to be a little crazy.  The full moon ultimately means I am indeed spending my birthday in the right place.  I am at home in Seattle at the Fortress of Crazytude where I shall feast on the craziness that is my family.

My boys give me brief moments of knowledge that I am not nearly as crazy as I am often accused. My boys, my ego and my superego, also provide me moments of pure joy. Those moments rarely end in jail (thanks to the critical thinking of the superego), are sometimes a little impetuous (thanks to the id - that's me), and often organized (thanks to the realistic ego). Thank god for the American girl who holds on to the bail money.  Freud would be very proud... or very very afraid that it takes three of us to make one psycho. Ah, er, I mean psyche.

While we feast on craziness, we shall do so with the blessing of the Catholic Church (another source of madness). Today is the Feast of St.Christina the Astonishing, Patron Saint of insanity, mental disorders, and psychiatrists.  Christina Miribilis was born in 1150 in Belgium.  She suffered a massive seizure at the age of 21 and was presumed dead.  During her funeral, Christina sat up to join in on the festivities. She said the smell of all the sinners in the room is what woke her.  While her soul was separated from her body she claimed to visit heaven, hell and purgatory... and on her return was given a mission from God to make penance for all the souls in purgatory.  So... Christina spent the rest of her life throwing herself in to horrible situations, including floating down a river to the water wheel which threw her body around like a ragdoll.  She was unharmed.  Seems Christina had the blessing of god and spent the rest of her life finding new and interesting ways to get off... ah.. I mean torture herself. If its self inflicted, do you need a safe word?  Today is also Drive Thru Day.  I KNOW you can get a drive through wedding.  Can you get drive through psychoanalysis?

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