Friday, August 29, 2008

Herb who?

August 29, 2008 - So there you are, ready to start making dinner. Do you go for the tenderloin stuffed with figs and blue cheese? Roast lamb with rosemary and sage stuffing? Mac and Cheese? Seriously, I'm not alone in the notion that Mac and Cheese is a delicacy... a meal fit for candlelight and wine. One of my best friends can't wait for her husband to head out of town so she can trade in the roast radicchio and pork medallions for a box of the good ol' noodles and cheese sauce.

There is comfort in the foods that we secretly love but hate for anyone to know about. In secret... I'm a sucker for ravioli from the can, Mac and cheese with ketchup, cold pizza reheated in a fry pan... real gourmet food.

When it comes to cooking, I'd really rather someone else do the work. If I'm going to bother to cook, I only want to do that for someone. Cooking for myself is just easier with a menu to work from - and my kitchen repertoire includes every takeout menu for a 3 mile radius. But... alas, eating out means salt. Loads and loads of salt.

I don't fully understand the need for the amount of salt that restaurants seem to use. I can cook a similar dish at home, use no salt to speak of, and it tastes dang close to the same. Looking at the sodium content of some of the restaurants dishes, one meal could have the equivalent of 2 days salt. Go figure. I don't use salt, and then I wonder why when I eat out I need to drink so much ah, water. Today is Less Salt More Herbs Day. Got to be better for the body, and I'm sure it will be better for the pallet. Tonight, I shall try Mac and Cheese with a bit of rosemary and thyme. You never know, maybe I'll create a new delicacy I won't have to hide to enjoy!

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