Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breath that could curl your nose?

August 6, 2008 - Is it possible to take someone serious when they are breathing on you the breath that knocked out Kong? How is it that the worst breath possible isn't noticed by the person with that bad breath - yet they have a nose mere centimeters from the source? Are we immune to our own aromas?

We seem to be unable to detect the scents that are coming from our own person. It is an immunity that comes from repeated exposure. Much like overcoming allergies to your own cat, hanging around with your own odors long enough and your detectors shut down. How much would you then have to smell in order for your odor to be noticed? Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of soaps, scrubs, body washes, shampoos, lotions, potions and wipes that can take care of any smell you can throw at it. There are perfumes, colognes, body sprays, deodorants and antiperspirants all with the intent of ensuring your smell isn't offending anyone. For your breath there are teeth wipes, gum, mints, Tic Tacs, mouthwash, toothpastes, and breath sprays. In today's well stocked personal hygiene aisle, there is a scent and a flavour for everyone.

Toothpaste now comes in vanilla, fruit, cherry, cinnamon, mint, winter mint, fresh mint, natural mint, orange mint, spice mint, citrus burst, lemon ice, mint green tea, mild mint, lavendar, cola, apple, paradise splash, and more. Then there is the kids' flavours that includes watermelon, bubblegum, grape and chocolate. So... today, on Fresh Breath (Halitosis) Day, you should be covered. Brush, rinse, spit, and chew in any flavour you choose. Today should be the one day you can get on a bus, a train, a plane, or elevator and not need a gas mask. Save those for Beijing.

If you do run across a few mouths that make your nose curl, pack a few packs of gum around. Spread the news... fresh breath is on the menu for the day. If you run across a few mouths that make your toes curl, pack around a stick of emergency gum and a note pad to get their number. And if you get a number - wiggle your toes. After all, it is also Wiggle Your Toes Day... and that just sounds like fun. I wonder if your feet smell too?

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