Friday, October 17, 2008

Hairy Boobs and Shaking Balls

Friday, October 17, 2008 - Golf... the sport of kings (and queens, and men and women, and kids, pros, novices, honesty and cheating). There is no club in my bag better than my pencil. There isn't anything quite as effective as the 'Foot Wedge' or the 'Hand Wedge', and when all is done, a 'Sandwedge' and a beer. Though it's hard to convince your foursome of these more creative clubs, there is one golf tradition that is easy to run with... the Mulligan.

Ah the Mulligan - the ever present 'free' ball that needs not be counted, written down, scored, played with... In my foursome, there are two Mulligans. Each 'nine' gets you another Mulligan. These are the balls one likes to keep in one's bag. You know there is going to be two balls each round that you just don't want to remember. The Mulligan is an important part of the game. If you can get out on to the course today - take more than two balls off your card. On Mulligan Day you should really get all the play out of these free balls as possible.

From balls to boobs - today is also Mammography Day. Always "celebrated" on the third Friday in October - today is the day to get out there and check the girls. Is it surprising that Mammography Day was first declared as such by President Clinton? If you are one of the millions of women who won't be celebrating today with an actual Mammogram... how about lying out in the garage with your girls behind a tire of the family car. Get the husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, pal, to drive back and forth over each boob. Maybe with any luck that stray hair that has popped up will get caught in the tire treads.

Today is also the anniversary of the premier of "Hair" on Broadway in 1967, and the day that the great San Fransisco Earthquake hit in 1989. This is a shake'n, rock'n hairy day all around. As long as you aren't' completely bald (sorry Uncle), this is a great day. Even better if you are a male golfer with a bad slice. Nothing but free balls and a lower score card for you today.

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