Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Count your Pumpkins Before they Hatch...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 - Pumpkins. They are everywhere at this time of year. They are in every store, outside the stores, on steps and porches... and soon they will be in bits on the street, in your back yard, on the car...

But the best thing about pumpkins is pie. You just can't get enough pumpkin pie. As the pumpkin is a vegetable, the pumpkin pie is not really a desert. It's a vegetable course. So someone got wise and decided that if you take a vegetable, load it up with spices and cream, put it in a pie shell, you can pass off your vegetables as desert. After all, what else do you do with pumpkin? As a vegetable, it isn't the greatest. Now if you really want to turn pumpkin in to something special, the pumpkin cheesecake is better than pie. Better than chocolate, take that same pumpkin pie, load it up with cream cheese, and turn it in to a dairy serving as well. It's like dining multi-tasking. So for Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, go ahead and multi-task. I wonder if you can turn eggplant or zucchini into a dish that would earn it a day of its own?

Does this sound remarkably like babble? I haven't begun to tell you about my collection of buttons. I have this very heavy brass jar that was my Grandmothers. I've had it for years, and for the first time since she passed away, I knocked it over and lo and behold, there are buttons in that jar. I'm guessing the red ones are from my wee red coat when I was 5. There are buttons there from dresses and jackets and shirts that surely my Grandmother thought she would one day get to sewing back in place. Now I have a whack of buttons and none of the clothes to which they belong. But like anything people collect - they don't need a purpose. My good friend collects crystals. She has crystal elephants and panda bears and so many others. Do they have a use? Not so much. Are they adorable? Certainly. If they weren't adorable would they still serve a role? Sure. She loves them and that's what matters most. I have a brass jar full of old buttons. Round buttons, plastic buttons, wooden buttons... buttons. For someone who didn't know I was collecting buttons, I could really go on and on about them. Babbling is ok - it is Babbling Day. Babbling about buttons works too... It's Count Your Buttons Day. I haven't counted them - but if I get serious about collecting buttons, I'll be sure to count them out.

I could sort them by shape, size, fabrication, number of holes....

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  1. Gee, I wonder who you know who collects crystal?

    In August there was a two hour segment on one of their weekday programs on 'button collecting'. It was quite fascinating as folks called in to tell stories of why their button collections (usually inherited) were important to them. Some fun stories and lots of remembering.


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