Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lollipops and Moondrops

July 20, 2008 - Do you suppose the folks at NASA were sitting around a campfire, smoking something funnier than cigarettes when someone stood up, stumbled a little, and then slurred "I've got a great idea. Lets put a man on the moon. That would be sooooooo cool"? I can see it, and I'm sure that is how it happened.

Today in 1969, probably a few years after that wild and crazy camping trip, the Apollo Program did indeed land Apollo 11 - and the first man - on the Moon. Thus, today is Moon Day. What was it that made putting a man on the Moon to be such a good idea in the first place, other than the Vodka?

The search for knowledge is a powerful force that humans seem to be unable to control. We want to go farther, understand more, and find the answers to questions we don't yet know. Of course, it could be a more basic drive than that that drives us. Perhaps it is nothing more than a need to collect the biggest rockets, and coolest toys. My space ship went farther than yours. Na na na na na na.

If this is the case, is this why we want our laptops to be smaller and smaller, our phones with more toys? Is it what drives us to build faster trains, deeper diving bells, softer socks? If we collect the most toys do we win some great prize in the end? If so, my afterlife needs to complete with XBox, XBox Live that can reach in to the living world (I'm taking my friends with me whether they like it or not), iPhones, gadgets, a fabulous wine cellar, and of course the best of sound systems. Honestly, I don't know that I need to understand the bigger questions to the universe. I subscribe to bumper sticker philosophy. S/he who has the most toys in the end wins.

I have a PEZ collection. I wonder if this is the kind of toy that counts in this race to the end? If so, I have boxes and boxes of them. I have Flintstones, and Star Wars, and body parts, and Muppets, and Shrek, and on and on. The candy is terrible, and dispensing a PEZ is a little like watching your favourite character toss his head back and throw up a treat. Still it seems less disturbing than the lollipops that come in the shapes of characters. Lollipops do seem to be making a comeback. Many stores are now carrying gourmet lollipop flavours for a mere $4.00 each. You don't get a lollipop after a trip to the dentist anymore, so today, to celebrate National Lollipop Day, you may have to fork over a few dollars. On the upside, the dentist never had Mango Passion fruit, Cherries Jubilee, or Belgium Chocolate Latte. So, skip the drill, and go straight for the lollipops. Oh lolli lolli lolli lolli....

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