Monday, July 21, 2008

Doritos and the Doghouse

July 21, 2008 - The doghouse... is this a punishment, a self imposed place of reprieve, or a home for Fido? If one is "In the Doghouse" is it safer just to take your dinner out there with the dog? Today is National Get Out of the Doghouse Day. So this begs the question "How exactly does one get out of the doghouse?"

Florists should be buzzing today - but it is a Monday. It could be hard to get a table at your favourite eatery tonight - but again, it is a Monday. But, there must be other ways to get out of the proverbial doghouse. You could try apologizing, not arguing, admitting wrong, or dishing out a few compliments. Better yet, how about not getting in to the doghouse in the first place.

If you are to avoid being put in the doghouse in the first place you would need to understand that most doghouse destined arguments have no real basis in reality. We want a phone call, but not right now. We want to know what is planned or being planned - but why do you want to know in the first place? Yup, the doghouse. It is the place where trivial crap ends up. A fight that really has a basis in something important would never end up in the back yard. Your stuff might, but you would likely not.

If you find your stuff out on the lawn, and it's getting on dinner time - no problem. Today is also Junk Food Day. A bag of Doritos, a Milky Way, and you should be alright to load your stuff in the car. If you are only in the dog house, better make it a bag of Doritos and TWO Milky Ways - it might just get you out of there and back in the house.

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