Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Part of this Post is an Infringement

Though it may be an infringement on my sensibilities...

Today is Administrative Professionals Day. I don't administrate, and I'm not always convinced I'm a professional. So today, I will celebrate the alternative... World Book and Copyright Day.

I thought about how I would celebrate this day and what this day should mean to me as a reader and a self-proclaimed writer. Would I read a book? Visit a bookstore? Plagiarize someone's work?
At the coffee shop this morning I asked the folks around me if they knew of a good book. I got several recommendations. Even more surprising to me though, were the number of people who couldn't tell me what they were reading right now because they were not reading a book at the moment. Worse yet, some could not tell me the name of a good book.

So I got to thinking that perhaps I would look at World Book and Copyright Day as a chance to shut off the TV, open a good book and read. I might then use this blog as an opportunity to write about that book and what I thought of it - respecting of course the copyrights...

OOH.... American Idol is starting......

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