Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sesquipedalophobia is the fear of big words

Sunday, 19 September 2010 - Fear is a great paralyzer. Everyone has fears, some of which are valid, others are a little irrational. But the beautiful thing about fears is that they can often be overcome. Of the top ten most common fears, I have seven, but I also have fears 14, 15, 16, 17, and 31. Take for example the fear of public speaking. This is number two on the list, topped only by the fear of flying. More people are afraid of speaking in public than those who are not. How could you not be a wee bit afraid of getting up in front of people you don't know where you will be judged on your look, your mannerisms, your word, you knowledge, your reactions, your tone of voice, your hand gestures, your hair, your ensemble... Crap.  I didn't used to be afraid of public speaking until now.

But fear is one of those things that real or imagined, they can be overcome. Fear of flying? Don't fly. Book a ticket with an airline and let someone else fly. Besides, without wings its too difficult anyway. Fear of heights is number 3 on the list. Putmebackonthegrounddammitophobia can be overcome, but honestly, why would you want to? You can jump out of a perfectly good aircraft with nothing more than a sheet and a few ropes, climb a few mountains, and hang out at the top of the Space Needle, but in the end, you will be back on the ground, shaking with fear, and damned thankful to be back on terra firma.

Does fear of the dark paralyze you? Keepalightonophobia is good for the power company. Fear of intimacy - dontyoutouchmephysicallyoremotionallyophobia - is a tough one. If all your relationships just barely scratch the surface, how will you ever get close enough to scratch a bare back? Fear of death or dying - ohcrapireallyshouldhavereadthewaiverophobia - is irrational. Your next breath is merely assumed. That proverbial bus or MI isn't always predictable. Fear of failure and fear of rejection isn't really a fear as it is the human condition. Though failure usually brings about life lessons, rejection or thisoneistoosmallthrowitbackophobia can be a little more painful. After all, don't we all just want to be a part of something? Fear of spiders - arachnophobia - has been made much worse thanks to Hollywood. Before this movie, I thought spiders were rather fascinating amazing creatures. We could learn much from spiders. Spin an intricate and functional net, catch your prey and have your way with them. It is a recipe for success... if not a little self indulgence. Number ten on that list is fear of commitment. Now here is one to which I not only relate, but have lived by for all my years. Perhaps this is a result of what I have been exposed to over my lifetime, perhaps it is as a result of my fears of intimacy, failure and rejection. Icandothisallonmyownidontneedanyonethatmightleaveintheendanywayaphobia can really put you in a holding pattern. If you have a fear of flying as well, you could really be in for a bumpy ride.

The 18th most common fear is the fear of water. The withoutwateritshardtobathesoyousmellbadophobia can also cause people to be afraid of you - or at least be afraid to be within olfactory range of you can really cramp your social life. If you live on the coast, you might want to consider moving. We are surrounded by majestic mountains and seascapes. There are rivers, and lakes and oceans everywhere we turn. And honestly, for 365 days a year, most of us stay pretty landlocked. Or in the words of a Pirate, we are land lubbers. Fortunately, today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. You don't have to get over your fear of water to celebrate, but you should perhaps keep it to yourself.

Avast Matee, how's your grog? Too early for grog? I bet the clock is telling the right time somewhere on the seas. After all, it's Sunday and the Catholics have already had wine. If the Catholics can do it so early in the day, I'm sure us heathens, doubting Thomas' and those suffering from a fear of god - whoisthisgodthatcansmitemedownandsendmetohellohshitophobia-  can have a wee tipple by now. It is grog o'clock somewhere. 

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