Monday, September 6, 2010

Procrastinating won't stop the fall

Monday, 6 September 2010 - Here we are, Back to School Eve.  How are you feeling?  Getting excited yet? Ready to jump in with both feet, pack your shiny new backpack full of new supplies and a fifth of gin to help get through Day 1?  As a kid, I was always very excited to go back to school, and I couldn't wait to unpack my bag with all my new pencils and notebooks.  I was always disappointed when it dawned on me that this was only half a day, there was no need for the new notebooks or my mega-pack of coloured pencils, and we really didn't learn a thing. I no longer go to school, and I don't have children to pack up and send to school, but Labour Day always makes me happy.

From tonight on... all the neighbourhood kiddies will be going to bed early.  They will not be hanging out at the golf course all week, and when I take my dog to the field in the mornings and afternoons, we will have the park to ourselves - mostly.  There may be other dogs and their humans, but they will NOT be school aged. I very much welcome routines and schedules, especially those routines and schedules of others.

Alas, Labour Day is also the end of summer. So what did summer bring you this year? As I look back I can say it has been a summer of ups and downs. July brought my best friend closer to home, I spent lots of time with my family in Seattle and got away just often enough to feel like I had a break from work. I finally furnished my flat - and in doing so discovered that I can play the role of adult in a pinch. I have made great strides at the office - I found a balance in my mind and am learning to let work be work.  These are all big ups.

There were downs as well.  In my attempt to deal with the sadness that was my birthday, I let a friend see the weak side of me. Result - she walked out of my life. I learned that the old adage "you know who your friends are in difficult times" is true. Thank goodness it wasn't something serious huh? Then there was my anchor, who in anchoring her own life moved away. People enter your life for a moment, a season or a lifetime. On the up side, it has given me a kick to get moving myself.  Wonder how far I can run this time?  I accused a friend of running once. Funny I didn't see that mirror I was holding at the time.

Though today may mark the end of the summer season, it is the start of a new start. Take it and run with it. Make the changes you want to make. After all, today is also Fight Procrastination Day. My hunch is that this would be a difficult fight. In order to fight something it has to come to the fight - and procrastination isn't there yet.  However, if you can battle the procrastination within yourself then today is your day... even if only for a moment, a season, or your lifetime.

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