Monday, September 13, 2010

Make your cake and eat it too

Monday, 13 September 2010 - Why can you not have your cake and eat it too?  What is the point of having cake if not to eat? Cake does make for great decoration, and if you are going to decorate a cake, you might as well go the whole hog. Pour the fondant, make ribbons and bows, and then... for dog's sake... eat the cake.

C is for Cake... a special food. If cake were not so special, it would not be the centre piece of birthdays,  weddings, and anniversaries. But why limit the reach of the cake. There are graduation cakes in the shape of the mortar board chapeau, congratulations cakes, cakes for baby showers in the shape of baby buggies, Christmas cake in the shape of a well formed door stop (this is one cake that is special in its number of uses), surprise cakes large enough to encase a stripper, and liver and peanut butter cakes for dogs in the shape of bones.  I'm sure there are other celebrations that could have cakes too...  the "Hey you failed a grade cake" that doesn't rise in the middle.  There is the "you're fired cake" that is pink in colour and there is only enough for everyone else.  The "wake cake" shaped like a coffin and soaked in rum could make someone a fortune.  Hey, your customers are dying to get one of these cakes.

There is an entire other market for cakes that may be overlooked. The sans cake cakes... you know the ones... lacking in eggs, dairy, gluten.  A good cake really needs eggs, dairy and gluten, but for the cardboard lovers out there, the sans cake cake is at least cake like, and often shaped like a cake. With enough icing, the sans cake cake can taste remarkably like cake. There was a time when the sans cake cake took some fancy bakery work and a lot of patience. Today, Betty Crocker has cake mixes for sans cake cake that mean us Celiacs can actually have the holy grail of party food. Celiac Awareness Day could be celebrated right after all. Pour a bottle of gluten free beer and you have a virtual party with virtual party food. Sadly, the one thing gluten free beer needs to taste like beer is gluten. But don't lose heart.  Think positive, there is no gluten to speak of in Scotch.

Hell, think positive all day long... it's Think Positive Day.  With that kind of attitude you could probably make gluten free donuts taste alright for at least one day.  Ok, maybe not for the whole day... gluten free donuts could really use a little gluten. Besides, there isn't any wisdom about having your gluten free donut and eating it too.

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