Friday, July 16, 2010

Dogs and balls

Friday, 16 July, 2010 - The modern world has us struggling to keep too many balls in the air when all we want to do is try to keep one or two priorities from hitting the ground or going tits up. Selecting the balls we need to keep in the air isn't always an easy choice. Do we focus on the things that might keep our personal lives on track, or do we choose the things that might keep our careers on the right path?  I am trying to find a way to keep all those ball in the air.  The problem is... I neither know how to juggle, nor have been able to learn.  I started with two balls (that sounds wrong) and alas, they hit the floor.  I tried the three ball (polyorchid?) juggle... and the results were even more disastrous.  In trying to juggle three priorities, everything hit the dirt.  Does that mean I am ultimately monorchid?  It is Juggler's Day which is just not something I think I can participate in with any real effort.

Alas, in keeping my one ball in the air, I had dinner last night with a former colleague and mentor, and the new colleagues that surround him.  It was a seaside United Nations, represented by the east, west, north and alas, Europe. There is something very grounding about spending time with those who have challenged you in the past, and comfort in being challenged by someone familiar that can force you to look at the future. There is an internal juggling that takes place in these moments: There is a desire to recapture the past, and excitement in trying to catch hold a new future. Do you stay with what you know, and continue to do what you do, or do you apply what you know and do what you have not yet done?  Which ball should you keep in the air?

Do you focus on the personal life ball?  It's the warm and slightly fuzzy pastel coloured ball that may or may not have been recently 'groomed'.  Do you focus on the professional life ball?  That's the green ball that pays you for the grooming. Or do you focus on the inner self ball?  That ball is a little more elusive, often grey in colour, and very opaque. Everyone has this 'inner self ball.... it's just a matter of shades of grey and degrees of tinting. Some of us are driving pimpmobiles with black windows and a rocking stereo system. Others are driving minivans or hatchbacks. No matter what your ride, the ride in life is a series of ups and downs. if you haven't yet learned to juggle, today is the day to play with your balls and get your life in order.

If your balls aren't enough to keep you busy today, you could enjoy a good old fashion tube steak. Take in a ball game or hit the local Street Meat cart and order yourself up a hot dog.  It is Hot Dog Night. I'm thinking there are only two ways to take in the celebrations on this one... with or without onions. Woof.

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