Monday, September 14, 2009

Rainbow Warriors... Under Hats.

Tuesday, September 15th - Vancouver is known around the world as a livable city and a great city to visit. Of course we're also known as a city full of "Tree Huggers", "Dope Smokers", "Granola Crunchers", "Butt Munchers", and "Liberal Losers". Well, they couldn't be more right. The average Vancouver'ite loves trees, healthful cereal, a drag of dope, and liberal rights. Vancouver has a very high "Gay Quotient", and in general are incredibly very tolerant when it comes to our gay population.

Today is the Anniversary of Greenpeace. On September 15th in 1971, a group of activists set sail from Vancouver on an old fishing boat in hopes of spreading the word of a green and peaceful world. There is an old joke in Vancouver (and I mean old) that at any time in any pub or bar in Vancouver you will meet someone who will tell you they started Greenpeace. They sailed under a Rainbow Flag, and became known as Rainbow Warriors.

Today, Vancouver is famous for it's Pride Week, and the Rainbow Warriors now wear leather chaps and lipstick. The women are wearing even less. Hey... it's Make a Hat Day. That would cover up one head.

Positive Thinking? Oh Screw It!

Monday, September 14, 2009 - So yesterday was Positive Thinking Day. That doesn't have much to do with today, but it was enough to convince me yesterday that I could get on top of all the things on my to do list that continues to only grow. One of the things on that list was to open up this screen and get writing again. Well, yesterday I was feeling very positive about this. Now that I have a collection of keys with letters under my fingertips, I am reminded that that whole felling positive thing, ended at midnight.

This isn't the greatest start to my re-activated daily blog. Infact, this is so bad that I wouldn't be offended if I never wrote it again. The day that follows Positive Thinking Day is probably better named Oh Screw It Day. Maybe that is why today is actually Boss/Employee Exchange Day. Yesterday the boss was feeling pretty positive. Today... He's throwing in the towel and becoming a Pion again. I could swap out my job with my boss, but I don't know that I'd want the number of phone calls that entails. Besides, today was my first day off in a while, and yesterday I was so sure I was going to plow through that list. Turns out I answered work calls from 07:30 hrs, answered emails, and generally cleaned up a few things at work. I didn't exchange my job with the boss, but I did exchange my day off for a day of work. Does that count?

What I should have done this morning was shut the phone off, grab a coffee, a cream-filled donut, and a newspaper. Since yesterdays positive thoughts about getting to my to do list didn't pan out today... I should just say Oh Screw It and do nothing. Hey wait... now THAT would be like a Boss/Employee Exchange Day.

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