Sunday, July 6, 2008

Webmasters and Republicans... a Mirage???

July 6, 2008 - So when you head out the door on a Saturday night, do you take your politics with you? What about on Sunday? If you are a Webmaster, do you ever really get to take the night off in the first place? Having worked up close and personal to a webmaster who had the integrity to make sure 24/7 really meant up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I wonder how many times he had the chance to head out on a Saturday night?

So, the moral of that story is... your internet exists because there is a webmaster, and often a team of minions, that do not take their politics (or themselves) out very often. Having 24/7 Internet is now a way of life. If I can't log in at 4:00 am, or any other hour, I would be pretty upset. I have expectations. I expect that the internet will be there for me - regardless of the hour. It is. It is like the best of both worlds... present on demand, and yet, so not demanding. The Internet is really the perfect partner. Without our webmasters, this just couldn't be possible. Your webmaster is your god. My webmaster - let's call him G (short for 'geek') makes my world go around. Without G... I can't imagine where I might be today. But... today is Take your Webmaster to Lunch Day. I wonder if "G" will get a lunch invite? I wonder if G will take his politics to that lunch?

Meh, who has time for politics when there are servers looking for new toys and tweaks that can only be accomplished by spending all free time on said ideas. Well, maybe that Big Mac will buy me a bit of uptime.

Perhaps that lunch should be to McDonalds - on the off chance your Webmaster takes his politics out with him (or her). Today is also Republican Day. In 1854, the Republican Party was founded today, and alas, came the joining of church and state. I think that's politics, but I was certain that politics and religion were separate ideas. So.. if your Webmaster is Republican, you can take him out for lunch, but if he starts telling you how he devised a special programming feature of keeping all things Democratic off of his server - take him to McDonald's. A Happy Meal might buy you enough time to find a new server.

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