Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Politician -vs- Scarecrow... a draw?

July 1, 2008 - In honour of Canada Day, I have a little song to share:
Well, our gov is full of stuffin', and it can think of nothin', but consulting with the insane. Then they take what they did learned, but they left the stones unturned, cause they haven't got a brain.

Oh, I can't tell you why, the government's a bore. But it's true from shore to shore. And then we vote... and just get more.
Yes, it is July 1st. For Canadians that means beer - sold in 2-4's, an uncontrollable urge to take off one's parka, and a celebration of International Joke Day. Sometimes, the crazy Canadian politics is often a part of the International joke. There was a Mayor in Northern Ontario (and former Vaudeville performer) that made international headlines for having patted the bottom of Queen Elizabeth II. The newswire didn't go quiet there. No, Mayor Assef also officially introduced the Queen and Prince Phillip as "his Royal Highness and his lovely wife".

Canadian politics has often provided much content for comediennes world wide. Maybe it has to do with the vast size of the country, the little contact we have with each other, the miles and miles of 'scenery' between communities, our excellent sense of humour, or... maybe all that snow makes us crazy. But when it comes to telling jokes and spreading humour, Canadians are the real deal. We really are nuts. So if you are Canadian - keep doing what you do... spread the laughter. If you're not from Canada, you may have to work a little harder at spreading a few laughs today - but give it a go.

If jokes aren't for you, and you have no sense of humour - today is also Build a Scarecrow Day. Speaking of scarecrows, a bus full of politicians is heading to Ottawa for an event. The bus gets into an accident, barely missing the farmer's scarecrow. The farmer digs a hole and buries the politicians. When the police come by to investigate the accident they ask about the politicians on board. Farmer tells the police he's buried them. "Were they all dead?" asks to policeman. "Well, some of them tried to say they were alive, but you know how politicians lie".

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