Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celibate with a new Mate...

Wow... I know I don't write much any more, but looking back at how long it's been, I can understand if there isn't a soul left reading this blog.  I mean seriously, why bother?  It's been what?....   17 months (since I wrote)? Ok, maybe not that long but it might as well be.

I was working the other night with my team - who I have to say is the greatest team to work with.  We got to talking about it being Celibacy Month and the question was... why a month?  I mean seriously? Even virgin teenagers don't last an entire month once the hormones kick in - unless they've signed a celibacy contract and event then, they will be doing well if they push 2 months.  Admit it... we were all (or are) teenagers once and who the heck could concentrate on subjugation or convergence?  Well, unless you were subjucating someone worth converging with that is.  So...  ultimately, I starting thinking about this blog and how much I miss writing even if only for myself.

So... June, or what is left of it, is Celibacy Awareness Month.  There are many people who choose celibacy, if only to appease the parental units.  There are those who do not choose celibacy, but are living proof that sex is the cause of life, but not required for life. There are those who choose to be celibate in spurts... the Serial Celibater (The Dry Cereal Aisle?)  There are those who are celibate in spurts not by choice but by circumstances (single in the Pacific Northwest), and those who are celibate by marriage (still married after 6.8 years).

The need to call it Celibacy AWARENESS month seems a little redundant.  Trust me, if you have been celibate for any lenght of time, either by choice or by circumstance, you are well aware of the fact that you are celibate.  Now celibate by definition is one who abstains from sex1.  There is nothing in the definition to state the cause of such an absention, nor is there any implication of the motivations for celibacy.  So can celibacy be an affliction that is caught like a disease? And other than divorce, is there a vaccine for that?

June is the time of the year when the days are longest and the Vitamin D absorption is at a yearly high. June is a time of  warmer weather and smaller clothes, the start of summer vacation and the end of the school year.  It's a season ripe for meeting up with new people and meeting new mates. Hormones are at an all-year high. So tell me... why is it that June also plays host to Meet a Mate Week (June 14 - 21). Seriously? When you meet a new mate, are you really going to want to tell them over a cocktail in a loud bar, where you run the risk of a quiet moment in the music, to yell that you have committed to celibacy?  There will be plenty of time for celibacy later.  Hit the 7 year itch mark, and you'll be lucky to not be celibate (and not by choice).  Sadly, there is not yet a vaccine for that.   There is a little blue pill.......

1. definition

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