Thursday, August 26, 2010

Creativity and caffeine...

Thursday, 26 August 2010 - There are days when the words spew off my fingertips without much thought or consumed energy. There are times when after consuming liquid creativity the words fall off my fingers and spew.  Then there are days like today.  I know there are words trapped in the grey matter, I am just uncertain how I will get them from my closed net to the public net.

Perhaps I need coffee.  BRB.

Ok, so while the coffee brews, let me see what spills out.  When I was in school, creative writing was not my strong suit. In fact, writing was one of those things that I dreaded.  Book reports and essays were surely going to kill me.  As it turns out, they didn't, and when I thought I had handed in pure crap, I would still come away with a good mark. It is entirely possible that I have much higher expectations of myself than I need to have. Yet, time in and time out, when I hear those words "good job" or "nice work", I have a real difficult time swallowing the compliments. I am always sure I could have done much better and still don't feel I've accomplished 'good.' That is the perfectionist in me, and it isn't necessarily a positive trait.

Perfectionism translates in to feelings of mediocracy. If you can't reach perfect, does that make you mediocre? Seems a long way apart, but in my mind... if you don't have one, you have the other. The flip side of that is, if I feel like there is no perfection achievable, I just don't bother. Now I'm not saying these posts are perfection, and often times I don't know what to expect when I start typing (just like today), but they are a channel for some of the thoughts and ideas in my head that I have no place else to put. Many days, they are the melding of thoughts and ideas that don't really get filtered, but just put on paper.  Imagine if the Seattle Post or the Vancouver Sun were written this way?  I might actually start reading the papers again.  Give me a stream of consciousness about that shooting in Burnaby, or the beating by transit officials of a couple of street kids in the Seattle underground. I'm sure there would have been far more insight (or incite??) to the stories.

Mmmm... coffee.

Ok, so today, I have a couple of topics, and I have no idea how to string them together without being rude, degrading, or just off the mark.  So maybe I should stop aiming for perfection and just let it out.

Today is Dog Day, yes it is an entire day dedicated to your dog.  Isn't every day a day for your dog? My dog has the best of everything every day... a bed from LL Bean, a Dogirondak Chair that houses his water and snacks, lots of love, and a dog-walker who is very kind to him. When we travel, he usually travels with me, and gets much love and attention away as well. It helps that he is a remarkable dog. But today you should be extra kind to your four-legged buddy.  It is Dog Day.  I would like to make this very clear... it is NOT the Dog Days of Summer.  The traditional Dog Days of Summer are related to the rising of Sirius (Canis Major) or the Dog Star.  They are typically from July 3 to August 11 - or 40 days in that vicinity. No, today is just a day to spoil your dog.  So go ahead, spoil those bitches.

Speaking of spoiled bitches, today is also Women's Equality Day. This is one day we just don't need.  Every day seems to be about women't equality... still.  I get it.  We want to be treated like men. Well, here's one for you... I'm not a man. I have no interest in being treated like a man. I sit to pee, and I will likely always sit to pee.  Now don't get me wrong - I still believe in equal pay for equal work. Indeed there is nothing wrong with wanting to be treated with equal levels of hostility when you screw up. But if we are going to be treated as equals, then there are a few ground rules that need to be put in place.
First, be equal in everything.  Second, be equal in everything.  Third, be equal in everything.

I think the coffee kicked in!

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