Monday, August 1, 2011

Enslaved to the Web

Monday, August 1, 2011 - Did you ever expect that you would be a slave to the Internet? Does a day go by that you are not connected to the World Wide Web in some way? Have you checked your email? Did you think about checking your email? Did you us an ATM or do any online banking? Have you gone in to see the teller in recent days? That doesn't escape the net... the tellers do your transactions online for you. Have you been out to do a little in person shopping only to ask the salesperson to check the availability of an item in a different location?

Lets face it... every day we rely on the World Wide Web in some capacity to get us through the day. Can you imagine work without connectivity? Can you really survive without the internet? My modem had an issue on the weekend. Thankfully, I have the internet on my phone and didn't panic too badly, but I did spend an hour on hold to tech support to get my modem sorted. Without my internet I don't have television, Netflix, iTunes movie rentals, radio streaming, or the Internet.

We have become slaves to the World Wide Web. Today is World Wide Web day and ultimately, we shouldn't worry about it. There is no emancipation from it... there is no one to purchase our freedom nor do we want to be free. We are getting more and more connected every year. We are getting more and more enslaved.

August 1 has a long history of releasing slaves. In 1834, slavery was abolished in the British Empire. In 1838 Non-labourer slaves were emancipated in most of the British Empire. Two years later in 1840, labourer slaves were emancipated in most of the British Empire. So how is it that today is World Wide Web day?  Anyone feel a chain around their neck yet?

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