Thursday, June 24, 2010

Your senses could deceive you...

Thursday, June 24, 2010 - The sights and sounds all around us make for a rich tapestry.  Some tapestries are richer than others.  In the city in which I live, there are very distinct tapestries - let's call them neighbourhoods - that draw certain people and repel others. There is the so called "creme de la creme" neighbourhood of Kerrisdale and Shaugnessy... attracts me for the coffee and cheap pedicures. There is the Downtown Eastside which repels because of the public urination and the unattractive hookers. It does attract ugly hookers and people who need to pee.  Yaletown is a great neighbourhood.  Attracts me for the nightlife and convenience of the tube station (the hookers here are much better looking as well).  Kitsilano has shopping, a dog beach, a people beach, and lots of coffee. Again, appeals to me, but repels those who find yuppies and puppies a bit too much.

Strangely, each of these neighbourhoods have their own smells. Of course the DTES smells of roses and sage. (Well, of a street walker named Rose, and burning sage bush and crack cocaine).  Kerrisdale on the other hand, has an aroma of Oil of Olay.  Yaletown smells a little of a meat packing district.  What was once old warehouses is now a thriving neighbourhood of younger and single people.  Perhaps meat market would be a more apt descriptor.

I work in public transit.  My senses should really go on strike.  They should just pack it in and call it quits.  My eyes experience great burning images of girls in belts for skirts, tube tops and baby tees on what you can only hope is covering the correct roll. These images can be burned on to the retinas of your mind for days. Some of them are permanent.  I beg that my senses are deceiving me, but alas, I am often not the only one who notices these vision.  No mirages on the line but there is apparently a full length mirror shortage crisis. Might need a telethon for this one.

Then there is the sounds of public transit.  How about the drunk 20-somethings who think they are "the next American Idol".  It's like the auditions round every weekend. My ears would bleed if not for the desensitization they've had from my own singing.

Have I mentioned the smells?  As the weather heats up outside, the smells seem to concentrate. There is the over perfumed, the over beverage'd, the over sun-screen'd, the over garlic'd, the under bathed, the under-deodorized, the under-diaper'd, the should have worn a diaper'd and so much more.  There are those special gifts that get left behind after a night of hyper-imbibing where you also get to experience the dinner that was had along with the beverages.

Well, today is Celebration of the Senses Day. Regardless of where you live, what you do, and where you will find yourself today, take notice of the things your senses are telling you which we don't often hear.  Look around and find one thing you hadn't noticed before with your eyes. Sniff around and find one thing you have been ignoring that your nose is saying. Touch something soft, rough, smooth, hard, cold and hot but do be careful. Taste something new - just read the label first. We probably miss 60% of our worlds for not paying attention.  Our senses truly are amazing and make our own tapestry a fascinating place to be.

If you work in public transit however... you may just want to give your senses a day off in celebration.  A little like making pancakes for dad on Father's Day. 

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